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Term 1 Week 7, 2015

Websites of the Week

Read Theory

Read Theory has to be my find for the year so far. This website will work on the PCs or in Safari on an iPad. Students complete a comprehension passage and then gain feedback on their performance as well as information on the correct answer. Students gain levels according to their percentage of correct answers. You can set up class accounts and keep track of all student progress. Did I mention it was FREE?

Additionally Read Theory have a site with printable worksheets on it. Some are useful such as complete the sentence activities and verb tense practice sheets.

Studyzone is a great little website primarily focused on providing online resources for the teaching of mathematics. There are tutorial videos, lessons and games to help students improve their recall of number facts. Definitely worth checking out!

True to Life books - Jan Latta

To create the True to Life books Jan follows endangered animals in their natural habitats.

She has travelled to Africa eight times, Borneo for orangutans, the mountains of China for pandas,
India for tigers, Uganda for Dr Jane Goodall's chimps and Sri Lanka for leopards.

Jan is the 'voice' of the animals through her photographs and genuine true-to-life stories.

The books are full of fabulous photographs, interesting facts, maps and fun activities. A series of exciting videos have been created so children can also see the animals in action in the wild which you can view here.


Learn Moore Stuff

Learn Moore Stuff - An unbelievable site full of technology integration ideas and support. Laura Moore is a Instructional Technology Specialist from Texas who has created and collated an unbelievable collection of resources. I'm a little scared to start delving too deep as I'm not sure when I'll ever escape! :)

Sight Words

This is a brilliant resource site for producing sight word flashcards and games. Use the dolch or fry lists provided or enter your own words to create flashcards, bingo games, snakes and ladders, fish and old maid cards.

Thanks for sharing Steph Westwood.

iPad Art Room

Cathy Hunt is a fabulous Art teacher who uses technology in awesome ways to create spectacular digital art works. Check out this plethora of ideas on her iPad Art Room website and learn how to integrate technology into art.

Photography site

This amazing website has hundreds of beautiful photos that you could use to jump start conversations on just about anything - colour, lighting, perspective, architecture - the list goes on.

Photos have been taken by Mohammad Reza Dimiri Ganji from all over the world. A fascinating collection.

Math iPad Stations

These little iPad station activities will provide you some ideas on how to creatively integrate technology into your maths rotations.

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper is a lovely art app that you should have on your iPad. All tools are now free! You can create your own sketch books and name them and personalise the covers which allows for multiple students to use the one iPad over the course of time.

This term our Year 2 students have been using the app to create their own digital artworks after following Steve Harpster's drawing instructions.

Here are a few artworks by Year Two students using Paper. You can see more at our class blog -

Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image

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