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October 2018

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Dear ACE Family,

Happy October! This is one of my favorite months - the weather changes, the Fair arrives, and it is an important time to see student progress. The foundation you built with school-wide and classroom culture is now in place, so learning can truly accelerate.

To propel acceleration, we have studied and trained on the strategy of "aggressive monitoring". Paul Bambrick shared that if you could do only one thing to dramatically improve student learning - this is it! Why Aggressive Monitoring? It is powerful because it combines several research-based methods into one clear practice. (1) it communicates clear expectations with exemplars and laps (2) it reinforces on task learning with constant observation (3) it gives formative feedback with verbal and written notes (4) it uses data to plan next steps like "show call" for engagement and error correction and (5) it creates a community of learning, focused on quality and achievement.

One of my favorite quotes from last year which helped us earn 44 TEA distinctions on STAAR within the ACE network is, "Practice does not make perfect -- it is perfect practice that makes perfect"! Aggressive Monitoring will help us achieve that perfect practice. Let's become experts. Let's accelerate like never before this year!

Best regards,

Jolee Healey

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Congratulations to our ACE Principals and Assistant Principals of the Year! Your actions have undoubtedly inspired others to dream outside of the box and stretch their expectations!

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ACE Principal of the Year!

ACE Assistant Principal of the Year!

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Instructional Focus: Aggressive Monitoring

Aggressive Monitoring

To launch the 2nd six weeks, we are focused on great formative assessments and CFUs by using Aggressive Monitoring!

With an exemplar and class roster in hand, teachers can collect data and make instructional adjustments on the spot to fill gaps in student learning.

Feel free to access our PD link with training materials here.

When do I Aggressively Monitor and How?

Aggressive Monitoring should happen whenever you ask students to practice during the lesson. Here's how:

  1. Announce the purpose of each lap.
  2. Follow the pathway of highest performing to lowest performing student.
  3. Provide written and verbal feedback to students using the established coding system and assessing and advancing questions.
  4. Collect qualitative data to inform instructional decisions based on each lap.
ACE SCHOOLS | Aggressive Monitoring

Video I: Responding to the Data Using Show Call (Literacy)

When watching the videos, take note of the following:

1. Teacher's set up for show call.

2. The explanation of why the exemplar was being shown to the class.

3. Student discussion related to the work sample.

3. The allotment of time for students to recreate the example in their own work.

BONUS: Do you see any other best practice strategies embedded in this video?

Courtney Betar Show Call

Video 2: Responding to the Data Using Show Call (Math)

The idea is to project and reflect upon the work that one or several students, whom you’ve chosen regardless of their volunteering. This creates the opportunity for a rigorous conversation about real student work, the careful selection of ideal case studies for learning by the teacher, and a strong incentive for students to do their best work.
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ACE Professional Development

October PD Registration is now live!

We have opened our registration for October PD. Please register by clicking here.

We are excited to launch our 2nd Six Week's PD focused on Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Mathematical Lessons, Guided Reading, and Mindful Routines.

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2nd Six Weeks Instructional Planning Calendars & Exemplars!

The Instructional Planning Calendars & CA2 Exemplars for the 2nd Six Weeks are posted on the website. Be sure to check them out on the website along with other lesson planning resources!
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ACE Celebrations

Check out King's Book Tasting Cafe! Way to transform and inspire a love for reading!

Congratulations to Dunbar for receiving an incredible donation from the Tackle Tomorrow Foundation for $10,000 worth of technology!

Congratulations to Pease for receiving an wonderful donation for a brand new Washer & Dryer!

Outstanding job at Hotchkiss breaking down the standards during PLCs and creating strong anchor charts to support student learning!

Maple Lawn is leading the way with strong PLCs--way to collaborate with the Carr team and share your practices!

Fantastic job at Titche having students profile their progress! This key practice builds student efficacy and growth mindset!

Rhoads and Rusk leaders are truly mastering the Distributive Leadership Model with Coaching in the Moment and teacher leader lesson modeling!

SEL at Carr has taken off to new heights with Mood Meters, Respect Agreements, and Goal-Setting Conferences!

Way to go Chavez team with enthusiastic greetings for students every day!

Amazing job changing the culture at J.N. Ervin with an incredible turnaround! High expectations in action!

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