Gun control: Good or Bad

Kevin Kochen

Is gun control going to help the American citizen?

There are already restrictions on the purchase of guns and any more restrictions would not benefit the American people because of the following: Gun control is impossible, It would hurt society more than help it, and gun control has been attempted in other countries and it has not worked.

Why is it impossible?

The right to bear arms is the second amendment in the United States constitution. That would be very hard to get changed. Many people would be up in arms over that. If you look at what happened with prohibition you see that an amendment restricting the production and sale of alcohol was implemented. That failed miserably, within a few years that was repealed. If this happens with alcohol who's to say this won't happen with guns?

How would it hurt society?

Removing guns would only hurt the law abiding citizens. If guns are removed a nice person then wouldn't be able to own one to protect his family, but then a criminal could still get them the same as before. Removing guns would also remove a sense of safety from families. Now citizens who have a permit to carry a gun help stop crime such as bank robberies, without that murder and crime rates would skyrocket.

Has been attempted and failed

March 9th of 2009 Germany had put gun control into effect. A day later there was a domestic massacre, a 17 year old had shot and killed 12 people "because it was fun". A day or so later gun control was removed in Germany.