Dazzling Daisies

November 2014

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'Tis the season!

It's the holiday season and our business is booming! The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends, and show off all of our fabulous stuff-selling without having to sell! We have a new catalog starting December 30th--let's get it started!! :) Get our businesses going...it's a new catalog, a new year, and new you! :)

Hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a safe a Happy New year!


With spring premier, we saw all the fabulous stuff we have coming in January! With the merging with Jewell, we are going to be able to reach out to so many more customers! And then the JK line in mid March...there is SO much newness! Please contact me with your questions. :)

Please check out Thirty-One today (TOT) every day. :) There are some really great trainings on TOT, and I recommend looking for the ones that will help you most where you need. I like the recruiting ones personally! Also, the product premier videos of the party presentations are on there too! Those are a must to help your Spring selling season be fun, simple and rewarding! :)

And as with any changing of catalogs, the Ready Set Sell Incentive was HUGE! From December 1st-15th you could earn the RSS incentive-there were 3 different levels! Here are the ladies on the whole team that earned:

Level 3:

Kari Keyser

Stephanie Bushong :)

Level 2:

Nicole Singleton

Brandi Allen

Jacki Cobb

April Harris

Level 1:

Jess Dechant

Mildred Robertson

Tracy Phillips

ShaBronica Vereen

Way to go ladies!! The FREE stuff from Thirty-One should start shipping the 17th. :)

Stephanie C. Bushong, Independent Senior Director

I am a mom of three kids, Craig, 8, Blakely, 5, and Cooper, 2, and work full time from home for Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC. Eddie and I have been married for 16 1/2 years, and been together 21 1/2. I have been a 31 consultant since May 2009, when I decided I needed to get out of this house! :) Thirty-One has given me the ability to grow as a person and do things that I wouldn't have done before. I hope to help you guys get exactly what you need from Thirty-One! :)

Important dates:

Celebrate & Connect meetings for February will be the week of the 16th-22nd. (registration begins December 31st) Locals-our Myrtle Beach meeting is February 18th :)

New enrollment kit is available December 16th. :)

New catalog begins December 30th!

Home office is closed December 25th and January 1st.

Monthly Numbers:

Team sales: $6454.00

Top sales and party: Robin Burmeister $759.00

Top recruiter: Heather Nelson-1; We welcomed Sandra Garcia :)

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December birthdays:

Jacki Cobb 17th

Lynn Graham 20th

Happy birthday y'all! :)

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Anniversaries in November:

Jess Dechant 3 years