Math Minutes Vol. 6

Week of October 12th

Math Specialist Meeting Updates- Using "Talk Moves" to engage students in higher level thinking

Math Solutions provided professional development opportunities for elementary and secondary math specialists in engaging students in high level thinking and rigorous discourse. The spotlighted strategy was "Talk Moves".
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Watch these short videos to see "Talk Moves" in action.

Talk Moves

Tips for implementing "Talk Moves."

  1. Roll it out- let students know ahead of time that they are going to be held accountable for listening to their classmates. You can't "Add on..." or "Agree with..." if you don't listen.
  2. "Talk Moves" are not just for teachers! Students can use these strategies as well.
  3. "Wait Time" is the most under rated "talk move" but potentially the most powerful. Move the focus away from answering fast, to answering with quality responses.
  4. Make a poster as a reminder to students and yourself.
  5. Withhold the answer: don't reveal the answer to the problem right away. Withholding the answer allows for more authentic dialogue.

"Well Played" Online Book Grades 3-5

FREE online book with really rigorous and engaging math games for grades 3-5. Click the link to access.

Why didn't I think of that?

Lunch Count

How long does it take you to do lunch count every day? 30 seconds? 2 minutes? 5 minutes? Let's estimate that it takes you 2 minutes each much time could you save if you found another way??

  • One Day: 2 minutes
  • One Week: 10 minutes
  • One Month: 40 minutes
  • One Year: 350 minutes!!

Check out how Ms. Brown from CWE does lunch count with no lost instructional time!! Students move their number as they walk in the door in the morning.

What would you do with 350 extra instructional minutes????

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Thank you Ms. Brown from CWE for sharing your classroom with us this week.

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