How Much Waste Do you Produce ?

Did you know....

When You Get Older ....

In a lifetime, the average American uses:

-156 toothbrushes

-389 toothpaste bottles

-35 hairstyling bottles

-198 shampoo bottles

-411 skincare products

and many more things that we use in our everyday lives.

CO2 Emissions

In America, one person generates 22 tons of CO2 emission per year. That is a lot of emission for just one person in a year. Imagine how much emission there is for everyone in the world. A LARGE AMOUNT !!!

Other Interesting Facts

- 30% of the world's cars are in the United States.

- In a lifetime, a person will change his/her car 12 times.

- A quarter of the world's oil is in the USA.


Now that you know how much we need to live a lifetime, you should consider trying to minimize you're usage as much as you can. It can be anything such saving water or turning off lights that are not needed. We need the Earth for our future generations.