By: Shreyan Nageswaran, Daniel Lash, and Jared Brandwein

Environmental Problems

Have you ever walked outside to get fresh air but instead cough and felt really sick. That comes from pollution. The environment faces many problems like energy waste and global warming, but the most important problem is pollution. Pollution can really affect the envronment because it makes the atmosphere filled with gas. This can also lead to the extinction of animals and low population in a city.


Pollution is a large global killer because it affects over 100 million people. It can contaminate the Earth and reduce our population. Pollution can take the form of a chemical substance or energy. This is a world wide problem

How to Fix It!!!

FIxing pollution is very simple. To fix pollution, we could recycle more and make sure that recycleable things like paper, cans, and plastic don't wind up in the trash can. We could also try and reduce the amount of fuels being used like in cars. To solve this problem, we should be able to walk if our destination is a very short distance


This is the Chinese Waterway. The Chinese Waterway has been polluted so much that when one little ciggarette was thrown in the river, it caused a deadly fire. As you can see pollution can also be deadly.

To Conclude

To Conclude, pollution has such a horrible impact on the earth that it could turn a beautiful site into a roaring fire or an unsanitary thing to look at. If we do things right, this is what our world can look like.


-Organizing Park Cleanups.

-Finding better alernatives for factories.


-Ride bicycles to short locations.