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dictatorship is when only one person is leading so they rule and if you brake the rules something bad will happen to you. The leader can get whatever he wants so you would have to listen to him

A dictator is not chosen it is normally a military leader

Facts about dictatorship

1. Only one ruler and you have to follow his rules.

2. Most Dictators have to use force to maintain their power

3. Some Dictatorships develop after a country has been conquered from a foreign power

the legislature is the leader and the leader make s the laws because he is the leader so everyone has to listen to him

there is no voting the leaders son will become the leader when the father dies

these are the countries with dictatorship



.North korea


there is only one leader and they can only do what that leader says to and our country you can do anything without asking.

this form of government is different because we don't have one person that rules us we all have laws but we can wear clothes that we want and we don't have to wear clothes that they said we have to wear