Create Your Own Smore

Flyers Your Way!

Get Started!

  • Go to and click ‘sign up’

  • enter your information and click ‘start using Smore now’

  • Click the button ‘start a new flyer’

  • Click ‘start from blank’ or choose one of the templates available

  • Click on the title to edit, enter title, click ‘done’

  • In the menu to the right, click the dropbox under ‘design’

  • Choose one of the designs


  • click the dropdown under ‘background’ to peruse the different backgrounds

  • Each ‘design’ has several different ‘backgrounds’ play around with it til you find one you like

  • click the dropdowns under color and font to choose your favorite, you can see your title changing as you mouse over each one

  • Once you’ve chosen your aesthetics, you’re ready to get started on the body of you flyer

Add The Meat!

  • Choose what you’d like to add by clicking a button under ‘add more stuff to your flyer’

  • you can upload pictures, type text, add a hyperlink, audio, or video

  • Click the ‘+’ in between panes, and choose what you’d like to add next

  • Click ‘done’ each time you’ve added something new

Finish It Up!

  • Click ‘remove’ in the top right corner of that block if you wish to remove that piece

  • When you’re finished click ‘save now’

  • Click the button above it ‘preview and share’

  • your personal flyer link is created in this box

  • copy your link and send it out

  • you can edit this flyer anytime by clicking ‘edit flyer’ after signing in and clicking ‘your flyers’

  • you only have 5 free flyers, so it’s best to just continue editing the few you make
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Trish Durr

Instructional Coach

Region 13