Veterinary Researcher

Mya Gore - 2nd hr. Science

Career Overview

Researchers study animal health diseases, and invent better ways to detect the diseases. People design and conduct experiments, and supervise the technicians who work with the animals.
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What You Need To Succeed

You need to be able to work well with animals. You also must be willing to sometimes work in hazardous conditions with infectious diseases.

Helpful High School Classes

  • animal science
  • calculus
  • foreign language

College Degree

To become a veterinary researcher, you will need a bachelor's degree in pre-veterinary science.

College & Tuition

A college that offers the needed degree is, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign college. The tuition per year is $28,026. The degree takes 4 years to earn, so total tuition would be $112,100.

Estimated Costs

These are estimated costs for 4 years of college even if you are not going to the recommended school above.

  • Housing = $20,000
  • Food/groceries = $10,000
  • Gas money for traveling = $5,000
  • Clothing money = $3,500
  • Total tuition for total time at college = $40,000
  • Total Cost = $78,500

Would I Like to Pursue This Career?

I may like to pursue this career , but the school that I would need to go to, to get my degree, would be very costly because it would be an out-of-state school. I also don't think that this job would be stress free because of all the researching we must do. I might want to look for another job that I may feel fits me better.

Pro's & Con's

      1. work with animals
      2. develop professional relationships
      3. In Wisconsin, experienced workers get an salary average of $173,340

      1. Very challenging work
      2. conditions can be unpleasant or hazardous

      Job Advertisement

      Do you like animals?

      Do you like science?

      If so, I have the perfect career for you!

      You should be a Veterinary researcher!

      You get to work with animals, and you get to help prevent, and detect diseases.

      You need a bachelor's degree in pre-veterinary science.

      The entry salary of this job is about $39,480.

      It doesn't matter if you like to work indoors or outdoors,

      Because you get to do both!

      You get to work in fields, labs, and in livestock barns.

      Do you think you would like this career?

      If you don't, you are guaranteed the chance to go back to college to pursue a new career!

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