my self esteem

my self esteem

my self esteem is moderate, i kinda of disagree with the results, values can be positive or fear based limiting for example, honesty, trust and accountability are positive values, where as blame, revenge and manipulation are potentially limiting, fear-based, values. personal mastery involves overcoming or eliminating our fear-based beliefs. when our beliefs or behaviors are out of alignment with what is really important to us our values, we lack authenticity. every human being on the planet rows and develops withing seven well defined areas these areas are defined in the Barrett seven levels of consciousness model. each areas focuses on a particular need that is common to all people. the level of growth and development of an individual depends on their ability to satisfy their needs. at different times you may find that you focus more on some levels and less on others, i response to changing life conditions. it is important to understand that in terms of the seven areas higher is not better; for example it will be difficult f r you to focus on helping others if you are having health and money problems. the potential of being rejected by other as a result of who your are or what you do tends to be at the back of your mind. although you mat not lice with constant fear of being tossed away by people in you life. you may sometimes go out of your way to attain the approval of others. and this approval does matter t you, at least to some degree.rejection by the people in your life may not shatter your self image, but it would be quite a blow that lead to self doubt, discouragement, and humiliation. realize that only approval yo should be worried about you own. and that the potential for rejection actually starts with you. if you don't fully respect and approve of yourself, you project and image to other says ''i am not worthy am not good enough for you''. which can result in the very rejection you fear?

affect of low self esteem or may lead to

1. Being harsh criticized

2. being ignored, ridiculed,or teasted

3. expect to be perfect all the time

4. being depressed ability be inactive


how to improve your self esteem

  1. 1. Try to stop thinking negative thoughts about yourself. ...
  2. 2. Aim for accomplishments rather than perfection. ...
  3. 3. View mistakes as learning opportunities. ...
  4. 4. Try new things. ...
  5. 5. Recognize what you can change and what you can't. ...
  6. 6. Set goals.
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