Invention Project

World Civ. (Mrs. Garcia)

What are you supposed to do?

Your task is to create an invention that has yet to be invented. You may use elements of other inventions but the entire concept needs to be unique. You must also design a poster and commercial to advertise your invention.

Choose a Role

  • Designer/Artist
  • Director/Videographer
  • Script Writer
  • Actor (everyone has an acting part)

How will you present these inventions?

You can email me the commercial or post it straight here on your smore poster.

When is everything due?

*Due dates: Friday: Dec. 11th- Names of group members, name of invention, and description including cost. Monday: Dec. 14th-Role paragraph due. During class: work on poster and script for commercial. Monday: Dec. 15th- Posters and commercials due.