Thursday's Thoughts

January 28, 2016

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Staff Custom Focus for Next Week:

#9 Teach to the brightest and hold all to that expectation. If a child learns differently, do not lower expectations; teach them differently.

Mid-Year SLO Meetings

It is time for us to meet for your mid-year conferences. Please use next week to update your levels in your SLO and examine your goals for each child. We will meet the following week, the week of February 8th, to look at your SLO and sign off for the mid year conference. I will have a sign up sheet in the workroom next week.

Upcoming Dates:

February 1st: Jessica's shower

February 2nd: Faculty meeting 3:15-4:00 (everyone)

February 4th: Skate Night

February 4th: Reading staff development (AM: 2&3, PM: 4&5)

February 5th: Reading staff development (AM: K4, K5, &1st)

February 5th: The Amazing Shake