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Edition 13 - Week of 12/9/19

Leadership Corner

Mary Baker - K-3 Principal

What a great start back to school after Thanksgiving break. I cannot believe that it is already December. It was nice to have a break, but the staff and I sure missed all of our fabulous students. As we head toward winter break, we are reminding the students every day to have fun, be kind, and do all the hard things. We are pushing and encouraging the students to stay focused and work hard even with a break on the horizon. We ask your support at home with this as well, giving those reminders.

This week we began iready testing for middle of the year. This assessment gives us an additional data point to help drive our instruction to ensure that all students are getting the support that they need. As always, please be checking Infinite Campus regularly and communicating with your child's teachers if you have any questions or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you at our many winter events next week and celebrating this wonderful season. Thank you for sharing your children with us. It is our honor and privilege to have them at NVCS.

Driveline -

This week we have had students from the 4-8 Campus being picked up at the stop sign at the exit of our driveline. This will not be allowed as it is extremely dangerous not only for the students, but also for our staff. If your child is meeting you at the K-3 Campus from the 4-8 campus, they will need to be picked up in regular driveline. If they are not there when you go through driveline, please make the loop again or park in the South side parking spots and wait, as to not impede the driveline. We continue to ask that you do not park in the parking lot and go to the west doors to pick up your child. This west door is for walkers only.

We are now able to be done most days be 3:40. Please make sure you are in line for Driveline by 3:30. Please review the Driveline guidelines attached here. It is very important that we are all following these expectations. If you do not have a staff tag, you will not be able to park in the parking lot during driveline. The reason behind this is that we have many people who are parking in the parking lot and picking up students as a walker, which backs up our Driveline. Also, please make sure you have a physical tag when picking up your child, both in the driveline and at the walking door.

We have a mission to ensure every student is safe. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support.

Driveline Guidelines

Marian Hejl - 4-8 Principal

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and got lots of rest and relaxation. It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of December. This week our students began taking the mid year iReady assessment in the areas of reading and mathematics. This assessment helps our teachers understand where students are in their growth and how we can continue to best meet their needs as the year continues. We encourage all families to discuss the importance of this assessment with their students and emphasize the importance of taking their time and doing their best.

This week our 5th students went on a field trip to Denver to Boettcher Hall to enjoy a performance by the Colorado symphony. A special thank you to Ms. Sailers for coordinating this trip and to the chaperones who volunteered their time so our students could enjoy the trip.

We are in full swing of the school year, parents please make sure you are keeping an eye on Infinite Campus and communicating with teachers about any questions you have regarding grades. The end of the second quarter (first semester) will be December 20, 2019 and time is flying by, don't let the end of the semester sneak up on you.


Parents, AT NO TIME SHOULD STUDENTS EXIT THE DRIVERS SIDE OF YOUR VEHICLE. This is a big safety issue and if we have a car moving in the outer lane it could result in an accident. Please help us keep everyone safe and have your student slide, crawl, or climb over to the passenger side of the vehicle to exit your vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Hejl at

Clear Water Bottles

Parents, it has been a long standing expectation at NVCS that students bring clear water bottles and beverage containers to school with them. This helps with ensuring we are not cleaning up spills throughout the day, having curdled milk items in lockers, etc. during the school day. Students are expected to have water only throughout the day while they are in class (bell to bell). Students can enjoy beverages other than water (Gatorade, juice, etc) during their lunch period.

Thank you for helping us keep our schools safe and clean.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mrs. Hejl at

Todd Bissell - Assistant Principal and Athletics/Activities Director

The boys finished the regular basketball season yesterday with a 10-1 record and tied for 1st place in the NCIL. The Boys Basketball Tourney starts next week with games on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The game on Monday will be at home. After we win that game, Wednesday's game will be at home also. Win that and we will play Friday for the Championship. The Championship game will either be at home or at Union Colony. All games in the Tourney will start at 5.

K/2 Concert is Monday at the 4-8 building at 6

1/3 Concert is Tuesday at the 4-8 building at 6

4th and 5th grade concert is Wednesday at the 4-8 Building at 5:30pm

6th-8th grade band and choir concert is Wednesday at the 4-8 building at 7pm

4-8 Dance Friday at the 4-8 Building @ 5:30

Officer Dee Jalali

Lockdowns/Active assailant events part 2

(Please note, this week’s topic is not for the lighthearted. If topics surrounding active shooter events are a trigger for you, please skip this part of the newsletter)

Hi all! I hope you all had a relaxing break and ate lots of good food! In the last newsletter, I did a Q and A on lockdowns. I covered what lockdown drills are, who conducts lockdown drills, what happens during a lockdown drill, the difference between a lockout and lockdown drill, and what you could tell your child about lockdown drills.

This week, I would like to address part 2 of lockdowns and move more toward the topic of active shooter events. Please note, just because I am addressing this topic doesn’t mean your kids are not safe at New Vision. The chance of an active assailant going to a school is very low. But it’s not 0- no risk is. And as your school resource officer, I feel that it’s my job to help educate on this topic so we can somewhat prepared should anything ever happen.

This is a topic I am very passionate about and I always welcome any questions or concerns that may come up that I can help with. I also highly encourage you to attend the New Vision parent education meeting night at the beginning of 2020 for further education on this sensitive topic. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Let’s be honest. I work with New Vision Charter School for the protection of your students. Of course, I am also here to build positive relationships with students, teach, and handle criminal matters but my main goal is to be a barrier between a threat and your students. And I promise, I will do everything in my power to do that.

I am hoping these points can answer any current questions you may have surrounding active assailant events.

What locations do active assailants target?

The two most common places attacked are businesses and schools.

Do active assailants fit a certain profile?

No. Acts of violence have been carried out by attackers of all ages, races, genders, popularity levels, and backgrounds. In a study done by the Secret Service, a trend among many attackers found that many felt bullied, persecuted, or injured by others prior to the attack. Many also have a history of suicide attempts or feelings of depression. Most did not have prior criminal histories (

Are guns the only threat to school safety?

No. Although guns are the most common, people can also commit mass casualties with bombs, knives, or even cars.

Should I talk to my kids about school shootings?

In my opinion, yes. You don’t have to be graphic about the details but in my experience, kids respond better when they’re informed. I understand it may be frightening to talk about but if we can get ahead of the anxiety, kids will have more control in these situations should they ever happen. I am also happy to assist with this- sometimes law enforcement can answer those tough questions that parents or teachers can’t.

Should I teach my kids to run or hide in the event of an active assailant situation?

I wish I had the perfect answer for this but I don’t. When a situation like this unfolds, I don’t know what the specific details will be. I don’t know if there will be multiple threats, what door they will enter from, or what campus they will go to. Therefore I can’t tell you which option would be safer or promise a better outcome. However, it’s important to teach your kids about situational awareness with these events. When I spoke to students at the 4-8 campus, I told them to gage the situation and act however they feel like they will be safe.

How long do mass shootings last?

Columbine: 50 minutes

Sandy Hook: 11 minutes

Parkland: 6 minutes

Virginia tech: 9 minutes

Las Vegas: 10 minutes

As you can see, the actual shooting rampage can be over in a matter of minutes. However, from the moment an active assailant enters a building to when you’re reunited with your kids, could be hours. Keep in mind, once the threat is addressed, law enforcement will have to clear the building room by room and address injuries.

What’s my role as a parent during an active assailant event?

In the event that we have to face that tragedy, it’s going to be a circus. My best recommendation would be to not rush to the school, and avoid putting yourself in harms way. Rushing to the school can also hamper the situation by preventing emergency vehicles from getting to the school. Once the situation is over, parents will be notified of where to go for the next steps. Another thing to keep in mind is that cell coverage will likely be very spotty in an event like this.

Who is armed in the school?

The only armed person in the school is the School Resource Officer.

How do active shooter situations end?

The most common outcomes are that the active assailant commits suicide, exchanges gunfire with law enforcement, or is taken into custody by law enforcement.

Remember, I am always here to answer any questions or concerns that come up and encourage you to reach out. Additionally, I am always taking suggestions on what topics YOU want me to talk about in our weekly newsletters. As long as it’s safety or law enforcement related, I will make it work!

Take care!

K-3 Winter Concert

Dear NVCS families, faculty, and staff -

I'd like to cordially invite you all to our 2019 Winter Concert! The children have been working very diligently on their songs, and couldn’t be more excited to perform for you! Kindergarten and 2nd Grade will perform on Mon Dec 9 from 6-7 pm. 1st Grade and 3rd Grade will perform on Tues Dec 10 from 6-7 pm. Please have your kiddos to the main lobby and stage, on the 4-8 Campus on 299 Peridot Ave, no later than 5:30 pm on the night of the performance. I would like to request the following for the night of the performance:

· Kindergarten will need mittens (or gloves), boots, a winter hat, and a long scarf for their performance. They can wear whatever dress-up clothing you would like otherwise

Kindergarten - Please dress in your best with mittens, hats, and scarves.

· 1st Grade -Please dress in your best

· 2nd Grade - Please dress in your best

· 3rd Grade -please dress in your best


Feel free to reach out to me with questions. My phone # is 970-593-6827 x2111, my email We look forward to seeing you there!

p.s. I am also looking for volunteers to help me make several large snowflakes for props, and to decorate the stage -Thank-you!

Big picture

NVCS Giving Tree

Thank you to all who have supported the NVCS Giving Tree. If you took an ornament and have not yet returned your package, please do so by Monday 12/9. Thank you for all your generosity.


Have you heard of KidsPak?

KidsPak is a weekend hunger relief program run by Loveland Rotary for children and families in the Thompson School District community. KidsPak currently serves 39 schools, including New Vision. NVCS partners with KidsPak by identifying students and families that would benefit from receiving extra food for the weekends. KidsPak partners with Larimer County Food Bank to create a special menu each week, so the food varies. The food packs are delivered to NVCS on Friday and given to students in a colored drawstring bag to take home for the weekend. All we ask is that the drawstring bag be returned on Monday to use again for the next week.

If your student and family is in need and could benefit from this service please reach out to the school counselor! Those receiving services is kept confidential. The K-3 counselor is Ali Anderson: email, or phone 970-593-6827 ex. 2115, and the 4-8 counselor is Erin Jobman: email, phone 970-593-6827 ex. 1207 *only one counselor needs to be contacted even if you have students at both buildings.


8th Grade Parents and Students,

It is almost time to start the high school registration process and I will be there to help you along the way.

Please start researching the different high schools and programs within our school district to start to make the right choice for your family. An important part of this process is to attend the curriculum/informational nights for the school(s) you are considering attending to learn about their curriculum, special programs, and classes that are offered. You will also get to meet the principal and counselors, meet some teachers, go on a tour of the high school, learn about clubs and sports, etc. These meetings all take place at the high school and are for both students and parents. These meetings are highly recommended so you get all the information you need moving forward into high school.


  • LCS, November 5, 6:00-7:30pm: at Loveland Classical Schools, Academy Campus.
  • LHS, November 6, 6:00-7:30pm: at Loveland High School
  • TVHS, November 12, 6:00-7:30pm: at Thompson Valley High School
  • BHS, November 13, 6:00-7:30pm: at Berthoud High School
  • MVHS, November 14, 6:00-7:30pm: at Mountain View High School
  • For those of you looking at schools outside of our district, please contact the school individually for their enrollment process.


  • Dec 2: Open Enrollment window opens. The open enrollment ('school of choice') process and application is on the Thompson School District website, You must fill this out no sooner than Dec. 2. (Fill out this form only if you are planning to attend a school other than your neighborhood school.) Open enrollment decisions will be made and communicated to parents in March--approx Mar 20. If you have questions about this process, you may email:
  • STEM Program applications due: Please see Berthoud High School website
  • Jan 10: Deadline to let your 8th gr counselor know your high school choice.
  • Jan 10: Last day to turn in open enrollment applications.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Erin Jobman, Counselor, NVCS, 4-8 Building

CAYAC - Child Adolescent, and Young Adult Connection

1302 S. Shields St., A1-3

Fort Collins, CO 80521


Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Connections offers answers, options, and support to individuals and families looking for help with mental health or substance use concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and drug or alcohol use. Services include needs assessment, information and referral, assistance with coordinating and navigating care, brief intervention, connection to reduced-cost counseling, education and training.

CAYAC (Child, Adolescent, and Young Adult Connections) is a service of Connections that helps young people (up to age 24) and their families with the early identification, assessment/testing, and treatment of mental health and substance use concerns. It also works closely with schools through a school liaison.

Clothes Donations

The health office in our K-3 building is in need of clothing donations. If you have girl's clothing, size 10/12, or boy's clothing of ANY size that you are no longer using, please drop them by the front office.

Pets at School

We would like to ask that we do not bring animals into our campus. If there is a special show and tell day, or pet day, then they would be welcomed, otherwise we would kindly ask that pets, are not brought to the campus.

Upcoming Events

Monday, December 9-

  • Boys Basketball Playoff Game @ Home begins at 5 pm
  • K/2 Winter Concert at the 4-8 Campus. Concert will begin at 6 pm.

Tuesday, December 10-

  • 1st and 3rd Grade Concert at the 4-8 Campus. Concert will begin at 6 pm.

Wednesday, December 11-

  • 4-5 Winter Concert: Concert will begin at 5:30 pm, students need to arrive by 5:00 pm
  • 6-8 Winter Concert: Concert will being at 7:00, students need to arrive by 6:30 pm

Friday, December 13

  • Middle School Snowball Dance 5:30-7:30 at the 4-8 Campus. $5 to get in.

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