Chatting with Charles

Always get the Tea!

Happy Monday!

Hi Ladies and Gents!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, mine was busy as usual. Let's see, we made a gingerbread village (which Sydney begged to eat before we could even finish). The girls and I spent time with Seth's family on Saturday, and we went to an awesome event called Mom's & Kids with Curls. The event focused on hair care, fashion, and make-up- all my favorite things. :) The girls even picked up a gig, where they'll be doing print ads for a new small business owner. After that (still on Saturday), we went to a birthday party at Pump It Up, where I acquired elbow burns from racing my husband multiple times; my legs were furious with me on Sunday morning. I am definitely not in my 20s anymore- Hahaha. Why is it that the adults always have more fun at kids' parties? Sunday was chill; we cleaned house and I actually started wrapping gifts, so my son is now officially excited. Lol.

Anyhow, this will be a festive week. Let's make it a smooth one, and get out of here early on Friday. Have a great week!

Warm Wishes,

Princessipal Charles

Schedule this week!

Definitely get all of your core content areas taught; however, I am flexible with you doing some valuable holiday activities. Just be sure that it is meaningful and sensitive to the students who do not celebrate holidays.

Thursday is our Polar Express Day and you should have received your hot coco packets. Remember to bring your crockpots to warm and mix drinks. Also, grab cups for your class.

Holiday Dress Up this Week!

Monday, December 14th: Holiday Shirts

Tuesday, December 15th: Holiday Hats, Headbands, & Scarves

Wednesday, December 16th: Ugly Sweaters (staff contest)

Thursday, December 17th: Holiday PJs or College Shirts

Friday, December 18th: Favorite Holiday Character, Red/Green (staff contest)

* If you do not have the themed shirts, you can wear jeans with any holiday shirt or colors. Or you can wear jeans and a Gideon shirt.

If you borrowed headphones from the lab...

We just purchased new headphones for the flex lab and once again a bunch have gone missing. Please, please, please, check your classrooms for extra headphones and send them back to the lab. Thanks for your help!

How 'bout them Eagles!

Lake Ridge High School will play in the 2015 UIL high school football state championship game on Friday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. The Lake Ridge Eagles will be playing against the George Ranch Longhorns at NRG Stadium in Houston for the 5A Division I title.

Tickets will be on sale Monday, Dec. 14 through Thursday, Dec. 17.

View detailed game, ticket, and parking information here.

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