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Newsletter 5 August 2021


Our Cross Curricular Unit for Term 3 is – Changes and Challenges – Huringa me ngā wero.

Year 7&8 students have settled back into routines and are now preparing for a busy Term 3. Our Cross Curricular Unit for Term 3 is – Changes and Challenges – Huringa me ngā wero. Every Thursday your child/children will be part of our Hauora-Health workshops where the learning will be based on the Changes and Challenges that will cover components of:

  • Bullying
  • Mindfulness and Growth Mind-set
  • Food pyramid
  • Te Whare Tapawha
  • Cyber Safety
  • Aumangea Resilience and Self-esteem

The Year 7 and 8 Department will also be working on a Health component within their classes called “Understanding Changes at Puberty”.

The unit aims to help students understand the changes to their bodies that are taking place during puberty. The learning outcomes for this component of the unit will enable the students to work towards the achievement objectives of Health and Physical Education in the New Zealand Curriculum.

Our Term 3 School Value is Aumangea – Resilience

Oh the places you’ll go,

today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting

So get on your way!

--- Dr Seuss

Being resilient does not mean that children won’t experience difficulty or distress. Being resilient allows you to overcome your mountains.

Let’s Celebrate our students

Today is your day Khorys Tahuri!

She receives the July Aumangea award for walking away from peer pressure and being resilient.

Our Adrenaline Week

Adrenaline Week

We require expressions of interest and commitment for our Adrenaline Week!

What? Adrenaline Week Parent Meeting

When? On Wednesday 11th August @ 4:30 pm

Where? Wairoa College N4 Classroom

We have at least 45 students per Adrenaline group and to make this happen we need Parent Helpers, 1 parent for every 5 students. We also need parents who are interested in forming a Volunteer Parent Fundraising Group, who are also willing to organise and drive fundraising ideas.

  • Central North Island - Tongariro 1st - 5th November
  • City Adrenaline Rush - Wellington. 8th - 12th November
  • Going Bush 15th - 19th November
  • Home is where it is - 15th - 19th November

This Adrenaline week promotes

  • High expectations of school values
  • Student achievement -Striving for Personal Excellence
  • The desire to learn
  • Future Focused Learners - My Mahi / Careers - Future career goals.

Our Term 2 Cross Curricular - Where to for us? Ki hea rā matou?

To celebrate the end of our Term 2 Cross Curricular - Where to for us? Ki hea rā matou? We celebrated this by holding a Mini Olympics held at WCC. This was a nice way to end the term by having our students involved with Swimming, Volleyball and Basketball. Thank you to all our outstanding leaders who helped make this day successful

Kotahitanga - “We are all in this together”

The Mini Olympic winners

Gold – N5

Silver – N4

Bronze – N3

Ngā mihi nui

Year 7 & 8 Department

Big picture

Achieving Excellence in NCEA - Congratulations!

Level 3 - English 3.4 - Produce a selection of fluent and coherent writing which develops, sustains, and structures ideas -

Hirini Mcllroy & Riley Stanaway

Level 3 - Mathematics and Statistics 3.9 - Investigate bivariate measurement data -

Patricia Davis & June Doyle

Level 2 - Mathematics and Statistics 2.2 - Apply graphical methods in solving problems -

Mahinarangi Hume

Level 2.5 - Physics - Demonstrate understanding of atomic and nuclear physics -

Grace Whaanga & Kefir Kirwan

Level 1 - Chemistry 1.1 - Carry out a practical chemistry investigation, with direction

Riku Gordon, Kefir Kirwan, Nikau Pitman, Eden Scotson & Grace Whaanga

Level 1 - Mathematics & Statistics 1.11 - Investigate bivariate numerical data using the statistical enquiry cycle - Ashley Atkinson, Tom Kerley, Kefir Kirwan, Nikau Pitman, Eden Scotson & Grace Whaanga

Level 1 - Mathematics & Statistics 1.4 - Apply linear algebra in solving problems

Grace Whaanga, Owen Verner, Eden Scotson, Nikau Pitman, Aimee MacDonald, Kefir Kirwan & Ashley Atkinson

Level 1 - Home Economics 1.4 - Demonstrate knowledge of practices and strategies to address food handling issues - Eden Scotson

Wairoa District Pūkōrero Competition - Congratulations!

Te Maioho Maitai - 3rd place - In recognition of an outstanding performance in the 2021 Pūkōrero Competition.

Ashlin Swann - Mō tō tū māia me tō karawhiu i te whakataetae Pūkōrero 2021, kai te mihi!


The following students were awarded this week for displaying one of our core values of:

Caring for each student (Manaakitanga),

Working together (Kotahitanga),

Respect (Whakamana),

and Resilience (Aumangea).

Aimee MacDonald - Personal excellence

Maria Waiwai-Tipuna - Personal excellence

Tipu Tipuna - Personal excellence

Chanelle Brown - Respect

Anahera Olsen - Respect

Sonny-Rose Robinson - Manaakitanga, Personal excellence & Respect

Louise Gray-Thompson - Respect

Riley Kendall - Respect

Eden Scotson - Personal excellence

Nikau Pitman - Personal excellence

Wairoa Young Achievers Trust Certificates - Congratulations!

Certificate of Completion - WYAT 12 Week Leadership Course - Aaron Stafford, Tiana Douglas, Teancum Scotson & Ruby Mildon

Last Week's My Mahi Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have won last week's MyMahi quiz and will receive a $50 Prezzy Card.

  • Josh Reti - Wairoa College
  • Alex Little - Feilding High School
  • Joshua Cannell - Amuri Area School
  • Blake Candy - Shirley Boys' High School
  • Jessica Mcdonald Shergold - Edgewater College

Donations of Uniform

Wairoa College welcomes any donations of second hand uniform. Please drop into the school office at your convenience. This would be greatly appreciated.


On Monday 9R went to the Wairoa Community Centre for Physical Education to learn the game Pickleball. This game is similar to padder tennis where a plastic ball is hit with a bat over a meter high net. The students enjoyed learning a new net game. Net sports is the focus for Year 9 PE this term which includes badminton, volleyball and tennis. Our thanks to Esta Wainohu who is the facilitator at the Wairoa Community Centre and is coaching our students in a variety of net sports.

Biomedical Science of Otago University Visit

Dr Htin Lin Aung from the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Otago University visitied Wairoa College on Wednesday 7 July. He was accompanied by one of his Maori Postgraduate Researchers, Callum August. They came to speak to our students in Year 10 and 12 to promote the study of sciences and to encourage our students to consider future occupations in the health sector. They presented interesting and current research findings on Covid 19 and Tuberculosis and what causes these diseases.

NZ Secondary Swimming Champs

Last week Kaylah McMurtrie-Reynolds represented Wairoa College at NZ Secondary School Champs in Auckland. She qualified for a number of events across the board and came home with 5 personal bests and a top placing of 11th in the 50 Fly. This is Kaylah's second year representing Wairoa College at this National Swimming Event. Kaylah's biggest achievement over the week was qualifying for one of New Zealand's biggest swim meets the "NZ Short Course Champ", which is held in 3 weeks time in Auckland. "Congratulations Kaylah"


Wairoa College BOT By-Election

Nominations closed on Friday the 30th of July for the current BOT By-Election.

Four valid nominations were received for the three vacant positions, an election will be held.

On behalf of the students of Wairoa College a big thank you to the following candidates for putting

yourself forward for election:

  • Jeanne Clayton-Greene
  • Louise Greaves
  • Luana Mitchell
  • Rob Unwin

Voting papers will be posted out this week. Please return your voting paper in the envelope

provided by Wednesday the 1st of September.

Bernadine Hamlin

Returning Officer

CACTUS 29 - Term 3

Combined Adolescent Challenge Training Unit & Support.

CACTUS includes early morning one hour physical training sessions three times a week based on training developed for armed forces personnel. This is followed by hot showers, a healthy breakfast, coaching and goal-setting activities that finish in time for students to start school for the day.

The longest day will be on Saturday 25th the September.

Staff Wellbeing

Last Wednesday morning the PE Department organised a wellbeing session for the teaching staff which was held in Te Aka Matua. The kaupapa was to reflect the four school values of manaakitanga, kotahitanga, aumangea and whakamana through the playing of traditional Maori games. The staff moved in their house teams to complete four activities which included: titi torea, poi, ti rakau and poi rakau. There was much laughter and learning which contributed to an enjoyable experience for all.

Breaking Down the Barriers

What do Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and Richard Branson have in


We know that they have all contributed amazing insight and knowledge, creative gifts,

innovation and entrepreneurship. They were, in fact, influencers before the term influencer

became a thing! What is less well known about them is that they all have dyslexia.

Dyslexic individuals tend to think in pictures rather than words; receiving and retrieving

information in a different part of the brain to neurotypical, word-based thinkers. This means

that reading and writing is more effortful and therefore slower. It is inherited so often runs in

families and can affect 10-20% of the population to a greater or lesser extent.

Dyslexia is not a problem of intelligence, laziness, vision, or reading and writing letters

backwards. Most students with dyslexia tendencies learn how to adapt and interact with text

successfully in the classroom, especially with early recognition and effective literacy

intervention at primary school. However, some students have persistent challenges when

interacting with text at high school. Understanding the difficulties students with dyslexia face

and how to tap into their strengths to overcome them has been a focus at Wairoa College

this year.

Dyslexia’s greatest difficulty is self-esteem – it only becomes a difficulty if not appropriately

addressed. Successfully addressing dyslexia is based on recognition, understanding and

action. Using technology and providing additional time to read and write, levels the playing

field. Helping students understand how their brain works best and teaching them strategies

when reading and writing empowers them to achieve their personal excellence and ensures

that dyslexia is not a barrier to success in life.

All students with dyslexia experience some difficulty with words but not all students

experiencing difficulty with words are dyslexic. Dyslexia is characterised by an unexpected

difficulty with fluent reading and spelling in comparison with academic performance in all

other areas. By comparison, a student with global developmental delays would experience

difficulties across all or most areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.

For more information about dyslexia and how you can support a child with dyslexia

tendencies at home check out:

Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand

Provides a voice for, and services to, New Zealanders with dyslexia as well as to

those supporting them www.dyslexiafoundation.org.nz


Provides information to whānau and individuals with dyslexia and other specific

learning difficulties. www.speld.org.nz

Schools do not need a formal diagnosis of dyslexia for your child to access the support that

they need. If you have a concern that your child may have dyslexia tendencies or have any

concern about your child’s learning and would like to contact me, you can:

 Leave a message with our front office staff in person or by phone (06) 838 8303

 Email me direct on djb@wairoacollege.school.nz

I welcome the opportunity to meet, collaborate and work with whānau and caregivers.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini

My strength is not that of a single warrior but that of many.

Ngā mihi

Diane Broomfield

Big picture
Big picture



Netball Junior A's v Taikura Juniors 42 - 29 Win


Basketball Junior Boys v NBHS 41 - 36 Win

Basketball Junior Girls v Hukarere 31 -29 Win

Senior Boys v Taradale Senior B 60 - 26 Win

Senior Girls v Iona 84 - 14 Win


Rugby Colts v HBHS 5 - 48 Loss

Rugby First XV v NBHS 22 - 19 Win


Wairoa College Girls v Woodford Black 4 - 2 Win

Upcoming Events

  • Learners Licence course - Friday 6 August
  • Trades Academy EIT - Friday 6 August
  • Wairoa College Young Aspiring Leaders - Friday 6 August
  • Attitude Presentation - Tuesday 10 August
  • TEACHER ONLY DAY - Thursday 12 August
  • EIT Tairawhiti Trades Academy Open Day - Friday 13 August
  • Board of Trustees Meeting - Tuesday 17 August
  • Wellington Tertiary Trip - Thursday 19 August & Friday 20 August
  • Wairoa College Young Aspiring Leaders - Friday 20 August
  • Yr 10 Olympics Day - Thursday 26 August
  • Barefoot 7's Tournament - Thursday 26 August
  • Trades Academy EIT - Friday 27 August
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