10 Ways to Transform Your Library

TLA 2016

Making Libraries Hot!

Be A Book Whisperer

○ Create pathways for book suggestions (online, slips of paper, Goodreads)

○ Keep lists of books handy­

○ Series Lists printed and on shelves

○ Keep notes on kids

Read and Purchase Current Books

○ Graphic Novels

○ Fiction & Nonfiction

○ Foreign Language

○ Pop Up/Easy Books

○ Follow blogs

○ Make and keep series list

○ Book suggestion binder by genre

Gone are the Shh! Days

○ Comfortable Furniture, Casual seating area

○ Creative Buzz

○ Allow noise for good reason

○ Allow devices in library (with headphones, no phone calls)

○ More flexibility than the classroom - we are a place of choice!

Entice with Carrots

○ Book Give-­Aways

○ Beverage Bars & Game Systems

○ Share contests

Grab Attention with Displays

○ Posters & Theme Displays

○ Books On The Way & New Book Displays

○ Market yourself to your kids!

Sell Those Books

○ Utilize Advertisements & Reviews

○ Shelf Talkers & FaceOut Shelving

○ Genre: Stickers, Shelving, Binders, Bookmarks

○ Feature new books

○ Place reviews inside cover of book

○ Read-alike signs

Have an Active Social Media Presence

○ Frequent updates!

Annual Events

○ Teen BookCon

○ Author Visits or Skype with authors

Be High Tech

○ Mobile Device Checkout

○ 3D Printers

○ Devices for overnight checkout

Extended Library Hours

○ Programming Club

○ Anime Club & Gamers Club

Be Creative & Search for Funding

○ Grants

○ McTeacher's Night

Keep Up with YA/Teen Trends

Go where your kids go

○ See what kids are into

Keep Dream/Future Lists and Goals

○ If money comes up, know what you want!

○ Future books coming out

Make Connections

○ Make kids welcome

○ Community spirit