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GCA PTSO Newsletter - October 2017

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Our Purpose

GCA PTSO General Membership and Meeting Dates

GCA PTSO Regional Breakdown

GCA PTSO Regional Events Calendar

GCA PTSO Fundraising Prepay Events

GCA Sprit Gear

Fundraising From Home

Academic Support Committee

Pinterest Club

2017-2018 GCA PTSO Executive Board

Our Purpose

The Georgia Cyber Academy PTSO is a non-profit organization which is organized and operated for the charitable and educational purpose of assisting Georgia Cyber Academy in providing the best education possible to the children enrolled at the school.

To implement that purpose, the PTSO:

Provides family activities that build community within the school.

Provides learning opportunities through events and programs.

Provides funding for items not included in the school budget.

Holds various fundraisers in accordance with Georgia Cyber Academy’s policies to fund the above activities.

Membership and Meeting Dates

Becoming a GCA PTSO member is easy! Click HERE then select the Membership icon. For only $5 per school term you will receive access to special programs, have voting rights, and so much more. For GCA PTSO founding members, check your email for renewal instructions. GCA PTSO Members meet 4 times per year to provide progress reports, vote on new initiatives, and provide activity reports please join us:

GCA PTSO Meeting Dates for the 2017-2018 school year:

November 30, 2017

February 22, 2018

April 26, 2018

All meetings are accessed via the Coach Cafe icon on the GCA PTSO webpage, all meetings will be held at 7:00 PM Est. If you are unable to attend the archive of the meeting will be placed on the Archive page of the GCA PTSO website the next business day.

Regional Breakdown

GCA families are divided into 12 regions. Each region has its own unique identity and is supported by regional parent leaders, email addresses, and a Facebook page. Click here for the main PTSO Facebook now and here for the GCA PTSO Regional Information Page

Regional Events Calendar

To connect with other families in your region click here for the GCA PTSO Parent Leaders Regional Calendar of Events

GCA PTSO Fundraising Prepay Events

Disney on Ice "Philips Arena"

Prepay only event, “The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice” Philips Arena, 1 Philips Drive, Atlanta, GA 30303. Show date: 02/19/18 at 11:00 AM Tickets are mailed one week prior to event. Tickets are $18, children 2 and older must purchase ticket, 2 hour show, Prepay window closes on 02/02/18 at 3:00 PM Online Store to purchase

Disney on Ice "Infinite Energy Arena"

Prepay only event, “The Wonderful World of Disney on Ice” Infinite Energy Arena, 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Duluth, GA 30097 Show date: 02/23/18 at 10:30 AM Tickets are mailed one week prior to event. Tickets are $15, children 2 and older must purchase ticket, 2 hour show with 20 min. intermission Prepay window closes on 02/07/18 at 3:00 PM Online Store to purchase

GCA Spirit Gear

Show your School Spirit with this fabulous GCA Spirit Gear

Fundraising from Home

There are many ways for you to support GCA by fundraising from home. Simply access the GCA PTSO website and select the Fundraising From Home link for more information on Box Tops for Education, Tyson A+, Recycle Electronics, Kula, and Amazon Smile. Future newsletters will provide fundraising totals as fundraising progresses throughout the year.

Academic Support Committee

Your GCA PTSO is looking for volunteers to help our wonderful GCA teachers during Class Connect Sessions. Room Coaches can help out by monitoring breakout rooms or watching for questions in the chat box. The Room Coach program will start in September. Register your interest here and we will contact you to pair you up with one of our teachers.

Pinterest Club

Are you a GCA Learning Coach?

Do you love Pinterest or even DIY?

IF you answered yes then you're in luck. We are starting a Pinterest page AND club just for you!!!

Please Join me October 16th 2017 at 5:00 PM for an introduction meeting. I would love to have volunteers for future meetings to share your favorite DIYs, crafts, or anything you think would be helpful to our fellow learning coaches. Once a month we will meet to do an activity or project that hopefully all will enjoy!

Don't want to volunteer, but you have a great idea, just let me know!! If you can't make it on the 16th that's okay, just follow our Pinterest page, it will be updated daily with new pins!

Click the link to follow the GCA PTSO Learning Coach Pinterest page

2017-2018 GCA PTSO Executive Board