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Publication of Baugo Community Schools: Spring 2020

Superintendent's Message: Unprecedented Times

Like every school district, Baugo Community Schools has not been immune to the novel coronavirus pandemic of 2019-2020. Schools have been forced to focus on distance learning. We have cancelled milestone experiences like the prom, concerts, and spring sports. We have learned to adjust our thinking and our social interaction behaviors. We have developed a new normal. As the school year winds down our focus will shift from managing student learning outcomes from afar and ensuring school lunches are available at pick up sites to planning for a socially distant graduation and the safe reopening of our campus to student activities and on campus instruction. It is safe to say that these are unprecedented times. I am grateful for the hard work and determination of the faculty and staff of Baugo Community Schools. They have had great courage in the face of real adversity to ensure our public schools function and that we remain hopeful that our future continues to be bright in Jimtown. We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of the Class of 2020 and a return to a new normal for our community.

Essential Functions Continue during Pandemic

Drivers Ready the Fleet for Fall

Our drivers returned to campus in mid May to thoroughly clean and repair the Baugo Bus fleet. They are making sure the buses are ready for state inspections that ensure we are safe to transport students. Drivers miss the students and are all looking forward to seeing them again in the fall. Drivers encourage students to stay safe this summer.

Weekly Meal Prep

Our community wanted our children fed whenever possible during the pandemic. Staff members volunteered to report to work during the stay at home order for weeks to ensure this essential function could occur. Day after day employees would report to Jimtown Elementary to build thousands of meals for our children. Their dedication has been inspiring.

Jimtown High School offers Virtual Summer School Enrollment closes June 5th

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The Class of 2020

Full of School Spirit is the best way to describe the Class of 2020. From homecoming competitions for the Jimmie Hammer to rooting on the Jimmies in the stands, this class has been committed to the traditions that make Jimtown High School a wonderful place to go to school. As devastating as COVID-19 has been to the spring semester, these seniors have improved Jimtown High School as role models for school pride and commitment to the community. The greater community wishes the Class of 2020 every success in life after high school. We look forward to honoring them at commencement and anticipate great things from them in the future.

The 1929 Gym Repairs Begin

Baugo Community Schools is having the 1929 gym tuck pointed. This process removes failing mortar between bricks and fills the voids with sealant and new mortar. This process protects the integrity of the building facade. The building will be washed and restored to as close to its original appearance as possible. It is important that we continue to maintain this building so that one day we can use it for much more than storage.

Jimtown Intermediate is Going to the Dogs

Back in March, we presented an idea to BCS school board that was completely out of the box. We wanted to introduce a therapy dog at Jimtown Intermediate. We were able to procure a grant for funding and have started the process in partnership with Top Notch Service Dogs to acquire a puppy who will be trained as a therapy dog and utilized at Jimtown Intermediate. We are so excited about this project!! Cambria Schwartz presents to the board her essay on utilizing a therapy dog.

Jimtown Prepares for the Triumphant Return of High School Athletics

July 1 is the target date. Nothing is guaranteed yet. Jimtown will be following the leadership of Governor Holcomb, the IHSAA, the NFHS, the CDC and our local health authorities. If everything stays on track, summer conditioning will return by July 1.

We understand and are appreciative of the fact that the Baugo students and parents are so passionate about school-sponsored athletics and activities. With this in mind, we will add safety protocols, sanitation and disinfecting practices and other social distancing plans to keep our athletes as safe as possible. Education regarding healthy behavioral practices for the athletes must certainly be part of the plan.

Keep a good thought, stay safe and hopefully we will see all of you at Sharpe Stadium on August 23rd when we are scheduled to host the Northwood Panthers.

From Jimtown High School

Senior Congratulations

Greetings from the high school! With approximately two weeks left in the school year, we want to tell you just how proud we are of our students, parents, and school staff of Jimtown High School. Together, we have experienced and battled an adversary unlike any we have dealt with in our lifetime. As we begin to wind down the school year, please join us in giving a big shout out to our senior class. For the past couple of years, during the spring semester, we have asked our senior classes to remain focused on the goal and “land this plane”. We are happy to inform you that on July 11th, at Sharpe Stadium, we can all celebrate with the Class of 2020 as they get the much opportunity to officially “land the plane” as they participate in their much anticipated graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our seniors.

Senior Parade

The Class of 2020 will participate in a senior parade caravan that will drive through our community. The caravan will consists of one vehicle per graduate. Parents are encouraged to drive their senior in the parade. The event will occur at 5:30pm on June 6th. Parade routes will be published on the Jimtown High School Facebook page and on Twitter @JimtownHigh.

Chromebook Return

With the ending of any school year comes a certain amount of housekeeping as we close one year and begin to prepare for the next. That being said, we want to announce that we have set aside two days for collecting every student's chromebooks with chargers and any textbooks that they may still have, Wednesday, June 3rd from 10:00 to 4:00 pm and Thursday, June 4th from 12:00 to 7:00 pm. Please bring these items into the office for collection. Students may also collect any personal items that may still be in their lockers during this time. Please come into the office at which time you will be allowed to go to your lockers, in limited numbers, as we continue to honor social distancing practices.

Looking Forward

To each of our student’s, we want to end by saying thank you for all you have done to get through a moment in time we will not soon forget. Congratulations and we can’t wait to greet you all back here in August, walking through the hallways of Jimtown High School, ready to take on the challenges of a new year.

Calling all Kindergartners: Round-up at JES

Jimtown Elementary will be hosting Kindergarten Round-up on June 9 and 10. The round-up will be held at the Elementary School from 12:00-6:00 on Tuesday, June 9 and from 10:00-5:00 on Wednesday, June 10. Enter through the main doors. As a safety precaution, students will not be moving through screening stations like we traditionally do, but rather meeting with the principal and one of the Kindergarten teachers for about 10 minutes. A short screening of basic skills will be included. Please have all of your paperwork filled out in advance. These packets are available on our website: or they can be picked up outside of the front doors at the Elementary. To limit the number of families who are in the building at any one time, please sign up for a time slot on our website (or email Mr. Deak, the principal, at Also, to keep your child safe, staff will be practicing social distancing and will be wearing face masks upon parent request. While this is not the way we were hoping to “Welcome” our brand new Kindergartners to Jimtown, we look forward to meeting our next group of Jimmies and we are putting plans in place to make the next school year a great year. Hope to see you there!

From Jimtown Junior High

Junior high was no doubt a journey. In 7th grade, it was a step into new territory, a run forward when you had just mastered walking. That was the year of discovery, with new opportunities opening up, and new experiences to gain. Your 8th grade year began with the subtle realization that you were now the leaders and concluded with the development of new goals and ambitions for your first year of high school. While the year did not end the way we wanted, you took chances and experienced changes; chances personally setting higher goals and standards in life; chances academically with grades and extracurriculars, and chances socially with branching out and creating new friendships and stronger bonds. You have experienced true achievement. The staff here at Jimtown Junior high wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and while this chapter is ending, you are more than ready to begin the next.

Baugo Community Schools - 2020 Teachers of the Year

To shine a light on the strength of our faculty, BCS introduced the Teacher of the Year tradition in our district this year. Nominations led to a vote where one candidate was selected to represent each building as Teacher of the Year. One candidate will go on to represent Baugo as district teacher of the year in the state level competition.

Jimtown Elementary - Laura Crocker

Jimtown Intermediate - Rebecca Courtney

Jimtown Junior High - Joshua Schwartz

Jimtown High - Michael Hosinski