It's Gonna Be A Great Year in SPECIALS!


Physical Education, Science, Music, Visual Arts

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We are ready to have you back in Specials! New faces! New supplies! New Lessons!

This will be a terrific year as we grow and explore, learn new things and share our stories! We hope you had a fantastic summer (yeah, we know, it was hot). But there is so much to look forward to! See you soon!

The Specials Team:

Lucas, Morrison, Cortesion, Adkins, Fisher

Physical Education with Coach Lucas

WELCOME to Bear Creek Elementary Physical Education!! We are so excited to see everyone and meet our new student! This year is going to be AMAZING!

As always, we will focus on physical fitness, health education, basic sport skills, teamwork, cooperation and having FUN! Safety and sportsmanship will be stressed at all times! Winning is fun, but learning to lose well is also a part of the game. Our intention is to provide your child with a safe learning environment, while teaching the many benefits of daily physical activity.


REMINDERS to ensure SAFETY and SUCCESS for your child on a DAILY BASIS:

  • WEAR TENNIS SHOES EVERYDAY for safety at recess and in the gym! Tennis shoes are required in order to participate each day (per GCISD district policy). Tennis shoes that stay TIED (double knots are a dream). Tennis shoes that stay on is really important. It sounds silly but it happens often. There is a link at the bottom of our newsletter to a tutorial that can help your student learn to tie their shoes.
  • STUDENTS WILL OFTEN BE OUTSIDE FOR PE FOR THE FULL 50 MINUTES, PLEASE DRESS THEM ACCORDINGLY. Think about the clothing, jewelry, large pointy headbands (extras) that they are wearing-- clothing with many or extra long strings, extra long skirts, and extra jewelry can be a problem/safety hazard for everyone in the gym. Please leave the EXTRAS at home.
  • For safety reasons, please keep long hair pulled back or out of their faces. Shorts or leggings should be worn under skirts each day.
  • If students need to sit out from physical activity for any reason, please send a note. Email is great, but we rarely have time to check that once our day starts at 7:15am. If you forget a note, you can always call the office and they will relay the message to us. If your child needs to sit out for more than 3 days, we do need a Doctor's Note (per GCISD DISTRICT POLICY) stating the injury and length of time they need to miss physical activity. If there are certain activities that they are allowed to do (like walking); while they are injured, then ask the doctor to please include that on the note and also when they are allowed to participate again.
  • We really appreciate your partnership in keeping your child safe and healthy at school. Please refer to the Student Handbook or GCISD District Policies if you need clarification an any of our policies.

Science with Mrs. Morrison

The Science Lab is up and running and I can't wait to meet our future engineers, astronauts, and marine biologists! Let's STEAM it up!
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Music with Dr. Cortesio


There's so much to sing about! I have finalized out performance schedule and I can't wait to share my love of music with you! It will be an amazing, song-filled year with something musical for everyone.


The art room is a WRECK! So many amazing donations I hardly know where to put it! Thank you to our fantastic PTA and Thank you to everyone who left supply surprises on my tables. You guys Rock!

Stay tuned for a LOT more information. The Flutterby Butterfly Contest, the PTA REflections Contest, the GCISD Holiday Card! And much more.

Let's go!

How to Tie Your Shoes

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