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Bear Creek Elementary Specials Team

January 2021 Newsletter

Webex Meeting Rooms For Specials

Each Specials Teacher currently has 2 Webex Meeting Rooms: one for grades K-3 and another for grades 4 & 5. The links can be found in each Specials area below!


  • The smallest snowflakes are referred to as diamond dust crystals and can be as small as human hair in diameter. These tend to appear more often in extremely bitterly cold climates.
  • The largest snowflakes can be as big as a penny.
  • Approximately 1 million billion snowflakes fall every second on earth.
  • Roughly half of the people in the world have never seen snow in person.
  • Snow is not actually white. It is translucent. Because light cannot pass through easily, it is reflected instead, resulting in its white color to the eye.
  • Snow can appear blue if it has had a chance to build many layers. In areas with deeper snow it is more likely to appear blue.
  • Snow can also appear pink in areas where some types of fresh water algae tint the snow with red pigment.
  • There has never been a report of snow falling in Key West, Florida. The temperature there has only dropped to 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Although made of snow, an igloo can actually be 100 degrees warmer on the inside than it is on the outside. Igloos are made from compacted snow which does not transfer heat because it is mostly trapped air.
  • The largest snowball fight to take place occurred in Seattle in 2013, when 5,834 people participated in an exchange of snowballs.
  • A snowflake’s shape is determined by the humidity and temperature when it is formed.
  • Every snowflake has approximately 200 snow crystals.
  • A snowflake has six sides.
  • A snowflake falls at a speed of 3 — 4 miles an hour.
  • The majority of the world’s fresh water supply is in ice and snow.
  • Approximately 105 snowstorms hit the United States, on average, each year.
  • When the temperature is near to freezing point (0 degrees Celsius), snowflakes become much larger and a lot more complex in design.

From the Coaches: Lucas and Adkins

Hey, BCE Parents & Students!

It’s been a DIFFERENT but still GREAT start to the year! We love seeing our familiar faces and meeting new ones. Expectations are generally the same, but we really need your help with a couple of things that have become issues in PE.


#1. Please remember to logon for Specials at the appropriate time, but also remember teachers deal with the same technical issues that you encounter at home. So, thank you for understanding if we are late to starting the Webex also.

#2. For PE, students should be UP AND MOVING doing warm-ups, jog in place, jump rope or anything active. We are well into the year and your child should follow similar expectations for school (not eating during our PE time, not laying on bed or couch, and ready to get some activity!)

#3. We would like their VIDEO to BE ON--especially at the beginning of class because that’s when we can actually see them moving and getting exercise. We understand that occasionally their camera may not be working & audio can always be a problem, but please just have a discussion about expectations and respect for their teacher’s time and their activity time.


#1. Please make sure you are sending a water bottle that your child can open to refill themselves. We prefer a screw-on lid. Also it should not be a cup with a lid that opens and closes. Please ask your child if they are having trouble with their water bottle in the gym and how often they are having accidents, spills or leaks.

Some classes, we spend 5-10 minutes cleaning up water spills that can be hazardous when running and playing in the gym.

#2. Please make sure that students are WEARING TENNIS SHOES or bringing them in their backpack to change into for PE. For example, with shortages of teachers, sometimes they get an “EXTRA PE” on a day they were supposed to go to another special class. YEA! EXTRA PE!!! However, we have had a few students that have had to “sit out” because they are not wearing tennis shoes that day. THANK YOU! It is for their SAFETY.

#3. Lastly, we are having a problem with at least one student in each class not being able to keep their mask up. Mostly it’s a problem with the gaiters. If they have an adjustable tightener, it’s usually fine, but those without tend to fall down OFTEN. We have also seen students CHEWING on their mask because it falls below their nose. (I know, GROSS!) We see it all, unfortunately.

Please talk to your child about how wearing a mask helps keep us all healthy and able to STAY AT SCHOOL. This is NOT FAIR to all the other students AND TEACHERS who are wearing their masks all day and without problems. PLEASE HELP US KEEP ALL STUDENTS AND TEACHERS SAFE BY SENDING MASKS THAT STAY ON THEIR FACE AND ALSO AN EXTRA MASK IS A GOOD IDEA (Just like sending an extra pair of clothes for that occasional emergency.)

As always, you can contact us through SEESAW for PE, or our emails or and follow us on TWITTER @BCEPhysEd.

My webex Links are:

Grades K-3:

Grades 4&5:

P.E. with Coach Adkins

REMINDERS to ensure SAFETY and SUCCESS for your child on a DAILY BASIS:

  • WEAR TENNIS SHOES EVERYDAY for safety at recess and in the gym!

  • Tennis shoes are required in order to participate each day (per GCISD district policy).

  • Tennis shoes that stay TIED (double knots are a dream).

  • Tennis shoes that stay on is really important. It sounds silly but it happens often.


  • Think about the clothing, jewelry, large pointy headbands (extras) that they are wearing-- clothing with many or extra long strings, extra long skirts, and extra jewelry can be a problem/safety hazard for everyone in the gym. Leave the EXTRAS at home. :`)

  • For safety reasons, please keep long hair pulled back or out of their faces.

  • Shorts or leggings should be worn under skirts each day.

  • If students need to sit out from physical activity for any reason, please send a note. Email is great, but we rarely have time to check that once our day starts at 7:15am. You can call the office, if you forget a note and the office staff will get us the information ASAP.

  • Please also talk to your student about their limitations, because students WANT to play and it can be really difficult to keep them from playing if you haven’t talked to them about why they NEED to sit out of both PE and recess for their safety and well-being.

  • If your child needs to sit out for more than 3 days, we do need a Dr’s note (per GCISD DISTRICT POLICY) stating the injury and length of time they need to miss physical activity. If there are certain activities that they are allowed to do (like walking); while they are injured, then ask the Dr. to please include that on the note and also when they are allowed to participate again.

We really appreciate your partnership in keeping your child safe and healthy at school.

Please refer to the Student Handbook or GCISD District Policies if you need clarification on any of our policies. We strive to keep all of our children safe.

If you have further questions, or anything arises throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email. We are excited to help your students grow, learn and enjoy being ACTIVE! We will be contacting you at various times throughout the year for other programs and opportunities that we offer to our students. Thank you for entrusting us with your children! We love Bear Creek and we hope your child will also.


My Webex Links are:

Grades K-3:

Grades 4&5:

Music with Mr. Sampson

Hi, Everyone:

The sound of music during the holiday season is especially moving. In this strange time of quarantines and social distancing, I'd like to share an innovative performance by the One Voice Children's Choir that reminds us of how wonderful and soul affirming a child's voice can be. Please enjoy.

My Webex Links are:

Music K-2:

Music 4&5:

The World of Art with Mr. Fish

Howdy Kids and Families! It has been a weird, but fun time in the art room. So many changes! Thank you to all who made donations to our art kits for remote learners. I've able to assemble over 200 art kits with donations of pencils, crayons, scissors, sharpeners, special papers, sharpies, plastic tracers and more from so many people who love the arts, including our own GCISD Director of Fine Arts, Mr. David Zahrdnt, as well as local organizations like the Wellman Group!

Remember, if you need something at home to make art, contact me and I'll try to find a way to get it!



Thank You to Lucas and Grayson Bowen!

Thank you Lucas and Grayson, for the Amazon Gift Card donation to our art department. Thanks to you we were able to purchase a class set of the Crayola Multicultural Crayons! Now everyone can find a color that matches their own skin tone!

Using Art for Kids Hub

Hey Guys! For a fun holiday drawing, click this link! You'll need a pencil or sharpie and something to color with. Follow the steps for a really cool piece of art!

Club World

Here is a list of the current Art Clubs I'm running. All clubs are Free. To join, just show up. Please click the images for more information. Each club has its own Webex link.