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Fall 2016: Depth & Complexity

Identification and Opportunities

Rigorous opportunities and social-emotional supports are essential to the development of our gifted and talented scholars. Students are identified in compliance with Ohio's regulations in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking abilities, and the visual and performing arts. The elementary continuum of opportunities and services include the following: cluster grouping, enrichment programs, gifted self-contained reading and math classes, academic acceleration, underachievement intervention, and participation at the Columbus Gifted Academy. Please refer to the district Gifted website for more detailed information on identification criteria.

Depth and Complexity for Primary Grade Reading

"The Depth and Complexity Icons are visual prompts designed to help students go beyond surface level understanding of a concept and enhance their ability to think critically. These critical thinking tools help students dig deeper into a concept (depth) and understand that concept with greater complexity " - Dr. Sandra Kaplan

Introducing several of the icons in grades K-2 can be easily done during Reading lessons. Gifted students may be reading at a higher level than their assigned class, but they still should be allowed to respond to the text as a typical child of their age. The link, which follows, leads you to a set of response graphic organizers for the icons, Details and Unanswered Questions. They have been prepared for the Primary grades with two pages for each design: one for K-beginning of 1st grade and the second for middle of 1st through 2nd grade. Reading Depth and Complexity Graphic Organizers

Visit this Depth and Complexity Overview newsletter to learn more about the Depth and Complexity Icons and how to integrate them into your lessons.

Depth and Complexity Icons:

  • can be an answer to that question..."What are you doing for gifted students?"
  • are visual cues (pictures) that guide student thinking and understanding.
  • provide a low-prep way to meet individual learning needs.
  • align with teaching standards to differentiate for ALL students and often fit with what you are already doing.

Getting Started with Depth and Complexity

Here are a few resources to get started with Depth and Complexity Icons.

Depth and Complexity Fact Sheet

Depth and Complexity Poster

Depth and Complexity Sample Frame


Elementary Math Showcase will be held on February 21, 2017 at Columbus Metropolitan Library. Intent to participate is due on December 16; participant names are due on January 13, 2017. The following links may be used for math enrichment and for the district Math Showcase:

Logic Practice Set

Relay Practice Set

Problem Solving Tips

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