main parts in a computer

hard drive

it store heaps of information on a hard disk drive it holds most of your files and progams it is nomarl loacted in the system unit

system unit

it is part of the computer it is placed under your desk inside the box there are different electric parts to make the computer work. the most inportant one of them all are the proccessing unit but there are many different others like the memory and the microproccessing

floppy disk drive

it store information it is like a cd anda dvd it can store a little bit of data

memory slot

is inside the system unit it connect the memory modules to the motherboard


it connects all components of the computer system the pc main system main circuit board

power supply

converts standard electrical power into a form the computer can use


is in the system unit it cools the cpu and other important compoments


the battery is to make the system unit work so your computer will run and you can do the you have to do

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