11th December 2020

Our Vision

Our Lady of Fatima Palmyra is a Catholic School that aspires to

provide a respectful, secure and caring learning environment

where our community is committed to following

the teachings of Jesus.

From the Principal

Dear Parents,

As I begin the final newsletter for 2020 and take a moment to reflect on the year, it would have to be the most unusual year I have experienced since my journey at CEWA began in 1990. There have been numerous challenges that have popped up, often “out of left field” that have needed to be managed, while endeavouring to manage the most predictable and normal environment for the children while ensuring we adhered to the regulations placed before us.

Community Meeting with Refreshments

Thank you to all the members of our community who attended our Annual General Meetings, last Tuesday week ago. The meetings were very well attended. During the P&F AGM, we accepted the nominations from two parents to be dual Vice Presidents – Anita Yevstihneyev and Emma Jensen, both parents of Pre-Primary children who have been part of our P&F for 2 or 3 years now. Their nominations were gratefully accepted and I am sure they will do a wonderful job in the new role they are taking on next year. In the last 24 hours or so, we have also had confirmation from Zanda Cameron that she would be happy to take on the President role of the P&F, enormous thanks Zanda for taking on this role.

We also welcome Rob Haddrill as a new member of our School Board for 2021. I approached Rob after not having any nominations prior to the AGM and I am happy to say we did not need to twist his arm too much, he was happy to join the School Board. Thanks Rob!

Aqua Splash Carnival

The children in Years 1-3 had a great opportunity to showcase their swimming skills at our Aqua Splash carnival, back on Friday 4th December. The carnival took place at Bill Kirby’s swimming facility in Melville. Huge thanks to all the parents who assisted on the day, especially those who assisted in the water. Some of our younger children are not too confident in the water so it is important for them that we have parents at either end of the pool to support the children. It is designed as a fun carnival for the children as we motivate and inspire them to continue to develop their swimming skills.

Christmas Carols/Edudance Concert

Our annual event last Monday evening was a really special highlight in our community over the past fortnight. It is always a wonderful community celebration where the children share some Christmas Carols with the community, performed with their buddy classes before sharing their Edudance performances that they have been working on for the past 10 weeks. Enormous thanks to everyone in the community who contributed to the fundraising throughout the evening, which totaled over $5500. This total figure included the money raised from the Pizzas, the Auctioned Items, the Silent Auction and the Raffle. All prizes were donated, we are very fortunate to be part of such a supportive community. Special thanks to Kerri Jondahl for coordinating the fundraising, assisted by a group of helpers and Anita Yevstihneyev who coordinated the pizza orders, their efforts were very much appreciated!

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Music Recitals

It has been great to see all our guitar and piano students complete a recital for their parents over the past couple of weeks to demonstrate their development throughout the year. The skill of being able to play a musical instrument is a wonderful thing for a primary school aged

child, congratulations to all children and their parents for the support provided.

Pupil-Free Days for 2021

Before we conclude the year, it is important that parents are aware of the pupil-free days that are planned in our community in 2021. They include:

Monday 19th April – first day of Term 2

Tuesday 1st June – the day after the WA Day long weekend at the start of Week 7, Term 2

Friday 2nd July – final day of Term 2

Monday 16th August – start of Week 5, Term 3

Monday 11th October – first day of Term 4

Staffing For 2021

As you would be aware, I sent out the 2021 staffing via a SEQTA email last Friday afternoon. It was an omission on my part not to include Music in the list of specialist teachers for 2021. Amanda Bennetts will be teaching Music for the same time allocation next year as she has in 2020, 0.3 which is a day and a half. My apologies for the omission.

Planning for 2021

As we conclude the year and look forward to next year, a reminder to parents about the need to be vigilant in ensuring predominantly white sport shoes to school next year. Our regular reminders throughout 2020 have ensured that we have far more children following this uniform policy but looking across the school, there is still room for improvement. I ask parents to keep this in mind when shopping for sport shoes over the Christmas break.

Christmas Eve Mass

As we prepare for Christmas, the Our Lady of Fatima community, led by the parish are organising an outdoor Christmas Eve Mass on the school oval. We have included a flyer with all the details in this newsletter for all the families who would like to attend.

My New Opportunity

I have really enjoyed my time in the OLOF community, is has been challenging at times, but working through those challenges has resulted in my time being very rewarding as well. I felt a sense of satisfaction when our current School Board Chairperson, David Gault, described my leadership as being focussed on the needs of the children first and foremost. That is exactly the way I would like to be remembered, we are all here to provide the best and most ideal environment for the children in our community. As the adults in our community, whether that is the parents of the children or professionals who are employed in the community, we continually need to work together for what is in the best interests of the child. I feel a sense of pride when I stand back and look at the community now compared to 2013, we have achieved many things. I have really enjoyed all the connections I have made with people at OLOF since July 2013, take many wonderful memories with me and look forward to the opportunity to cross paths with these people in years to come. Thanks to all the parents who have supported their children and our school along their child’s journey through Our Lady of Fatima over the past seven and a half years.

Best wishes to everyone for a future filled with happiness and success, signing off for the last time!

Paul Hansen


Dates to Remember

Thursday 28th January –

Staff officially return to school

Thursday 28th January

Booklist pick up from 10:30am - 11:15am (uniform shop open as well)

Monday 1st February

First day for students

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Kindergarten 2021 Enrolment Applications

If you have a child born between 1st July 2016 – 30th June 2017, they are due to attend Kindergarten in 2021. Application forms are available on our website or at the school office. Please return application forms to the school office ASAP. We don’t want you to miss out!

‘Online & Technology Safety’ with Mr La Roche

Hello Parents, I can’t believe it is Christmas time again. As parents frantically hit the shops and online shop I know a hot ticket item in my household is a Nintendo Switch. This week’s guide gives you some helpful information for parents to be aware of. Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Years and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

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Farewell from Mrs Renton

Konnichiawa minasan!

What another wonderful year of Japanese and Mindfulness! Despite this challenging and strange year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all of the children! In Japanese, the students from PP to Year 6 are able to confidently introduce themselves in Japanese, describe the colours in a rainbow and give a good description of a pet or of an animal! We have discovered the joy of Japanese festivals throughout the year and managed to squeeze in a sushi making lesson last week which was enjoyed by all.

Mindfulness sessions have provided much happiness and calm especially this year when there may have been times of fear or worry. It was a pleasure to put together some practical sessions online and I hope that all students benefited from this. It has been an absolute pleasure working at OLOF the last seven years! I have loved all the students I have taught, as well as the staff and families of this beautiful community. I am so proud of the way our students have embraced Japanese - both language and culture. I am also grateful to have been part of the OLOF Wellness program in the school, which I know was met by all with a positive heart. I sincerely hope that all our students that have been part of this will use all these skills throughout their lives.

I wish the current Year 6 students all the very best for high school and the rest of the students a Merry Xmas and Happy New year.

Sayoonara Minsan! Farewell and much love Mrs Renton

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