Monochromatic Landscape

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina

Hailey Picciano 3A Monochromatic Landscape

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Elements & Principles

The element of art used in my work is color. I put this in my artwork to create the principle of design, Unity. Unity is when you make harmony by repeating the element thought out your whole artwork. To make unity I used a monochromatic color scheme. I choose a color and put it with all its tints and shades and used them throughout my art work.

History & Culture

Cape Hatteras light house in Hatteras Island, Buxton Outer Banks was created in 1870. It was created because the offshore currents flew in the different directions. Those currents would produce conditions that could cause dangerous storms and/or fog that would cause bad currents. Since it was always so foggy they created the light house to point the ships in the direction of land, showing them where to go.

Art & Design

The lighthouse was created in 1870. This piece of art's reasoning was to help guide ships to land. This 7 piece sculpture was man made and had to be relocated. The relocation was because of it being so close to the water is was being damaged.

Personal Response

I choose this light house because my family reunions we have every four years are in Outer-banks. We always take one of the days to go visit Cape Hatteras. We go take pictures and then go hangout by the beach. But, I'm still not so sure wether this would still be a relevant piece of art. Cape Hatteras helps sailors but in our day we don't have many sailors, not many people travel by sea. However I feel as if it shouldn't be taken down. The idea of it is still pretty cool. Plus, just because I don't know of anyone traveling by sea there could be people doing it right now! This could be helping someone