TA&A Newsletter - Stars & Showcases

Get Ready for the Digital Showcase!

Send in Your Student Performance for the Digital Showcase!

TA&A Family,

Don't miss out on our 2020 Digital Showcase! This is going to be such a fun way to celebrate our end of semester and share what your student has been working on! All details about the Digital Recital can be found here.

Please note that we have pushed back the date some after hearing from many parents who are overloaded with end of school stuff (us too!).

New Video Due Date: Monday, June 15th
New Premiere Date: Monday, June 22nd

Be sure to have fun with your video, we want to see your personalities shining through!

Congratulations to all of Our End of Semester Star Students!

Our Star Students are those who are masters at logging their practice, have mastered skill sets, worked through difficult songs goals, or have successfully completed curicculum books!

For more information our our Star Student Program, please visit our Student Resources Page.

Mr. Garrett's Star

Congratulations to Jimmy Henry on conquering your first curriculum book!

Mr. Ian's Stars

Sai Vanaparthy, Tyler Moses, Sam Covert & Ethan Mueller, we are celebrating your achievements!

Mr. J.T's Stars

Congratulating Kennedi Ginn, D.J. Jubert & Caden Adair on their skill mastery and dedication!

Mrs. Jackie's Star

Congratulations, Sebastian Zambrana!

Mrs. Jana's Stars

Way to go, Abby Lim & Brenley Bell!

Mr. Jarod's Star

Keep up the hard work, Dillon McKinney!

Mr. Jon's Star

Recognizing Drew Beitel for his stellar consistency and practice dedication!

Mrs. Lisa's Star

Congratulating Mahalakshmi Sivasubramanian for crushing those practice logs!

Mr. Matt's Star

Shout out to Olivia Creasy for her dedicated practicing!

Mr. Richard's Stars

Congratulations on completing new skills and overall hard work to:

Lucas Milogradov, Jacob Christy, Nathanael Spitzer, Colton Mills, Jaydan Jubert, Daniel Jubert, Nithiasree Arujolla, Cole Kindiger, Abigail Cagle, & Grace Herring

Mrs. Robin's Star

Way to go, Katie Yates! Fantastic job!

Mrs. Shelley's Stars

Matilda Miller, Noah Pettett, Sydney Pettett & Makenlee Millsap - ya'll are shining bright with your practicing! Stay bright!

Mrs. Sydney's Star

Congrats to Brayden Barker, you're dedication & passion for piano set the bar high!

Mr. Tim's Star

Bram Thomas, congratulations on completing the ENTIRE FJH Series! This is a huge achievement!

Update on In Studio Lessons

We are excited to share with you that we are now beginning a SLOW transition back into the studio for in person lessons.

Student will be contacted with details of their teacher's anticipated studio return date 2 weeks prior to that expected date.

Please keep an eye on email communications!