R U Project

By Marcos Valencia

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MI Data

The Multiple Intelligence test is a test to see how smart a person naturally is. My top two scores on the test were Logical-Mathematical and Bodily-Kinesthetic. I agree with the results because math is the easiest subject for me and I learn most effectively by doing something with my hands. My two lowest scores were Musical and linguistic which shows because I am not a musical person. I can figure out how to put something together because of my intelligence. On the other hand music is confusing to me because of my intelligence.

Myers-Briggs Results

My four letters of my personality type are ENTJ. The name for this personality type is the chief. This means that I should be a person who feels relaxed around people, focus on how something is said, pick the most logical decision, and I should be more task-oriented. I mostly agree with my results but sometimes I do not pick the logical decision or sometimes I am not task-oriented but I try to be those things. Two people I share my personality type with are Franklin D. Roosevelt and Bill Gates. I agree because they both make logical decisions and they are task-oriented.


My GRIT score is 4 which means I am a person who does not give up easily and keeps on trying until I complete whatever I am doing or at least I try. This idea came from Duckworth when she was trying to figure out why some students tried harder than others. GRIT is important in life because if you do not have any GRIT then you would give up whenever anything gets too hard. I will improve my GRIT this year by trying to stick to more new ideas and working to improve on those ideas.

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Psychology Of The Mind

The two subjects I choose to write about were GRIT and the Marshmallow test I have already talked about GRIT so lets move on. The Marshmallow Test is a test to see how much self-control a person has. They did this by giving people a marshmallow and telling them if they wait they get another one. Usually a person who has a lot of self-control is a successful person. This applies to me as a ninth grader, because I have to wait four years to graduate which gives me delayed gratification. This spoke to me the most because I used to not have a lot of self-control, but now I do.