Minnesota's Newcomers

By Kristen young

Land For Sale

Have you ever wanted to travel to Minnesota? Well now's your chance. Land is at 5 cents an acre. Also, Minnesota has just endowed with land for public schools. Minnesota is at an all time low for diseases and sicknesses. If you are not looking for a permanent place to live St.Paul is a great stoping place to go to. Minnesota has clean and beautiful waters and you do not have to be rich to live there.

Minnesota's Qualities

Minnesota has many qualities you can't find just anywhere. It has great fertility, a healthy climate and an abundance of water. Ever worry that Minnesota will not have any space for you to live? Don't worry Minnesota is a growing state and has plenty of room for everyone. Minnesota is truly a beautiful place with neat white houses and a general appearance of thrift. Everyone who has come to Minnesota says they have absolutely no regrets.

Minnesota's Recruiters Company

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