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Fun details that make up Uranus.

Many astronauts have flew by or landed on Uranus. This planet is 7th planet from the sun. This distance between Earth and Uranus is 2.6 billion kilometers. This closest planet to Uranus is Neptune and Saturn. The elements that create the atmosphere for this amazing big blue Jovian planet consists of layers of Icy Clouds. If you love the cold then this planet is suited for all you desires!
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The Myth of Uranus

Uranus was unknown at the ancient times. Ouranos was the son and loving husband of Gaea and the first god of the sky. The father of Ouranus was horrified by his eldest children and he locked them up inside of Earth. This caused Gaea a lot of pain for her children and convinced one of her sons to fight their Father. Ouranus tickles was removed with a sickle and his blood cause the birth of Erinyes and Gigantes.