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June 2022

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Vaping Cessation and Education Media Campaign

TFLC launched a new vaping cessation and education media campaign in June 2022! The image below was used in print, digital re-targeted ads, and a YouTube PSA (click the image to check it out!). We are excited to see the analytics for this campaign in the coming month, but we are already seeing increased website traffic! Did you see this ad on Journal Star? Let us know!

TFLC Secures Contract with Pinnacle Bank Arena!

In December 2021, TFLC worked with Lee Enterprises to gather psychographic data to inform our vaping cessation and education message for people who vape or visit retail tobacco locations. We received a very informative report that included the chart to the right. TFLC has since used this information to plan other opportunities in advertising, education, and providing cessation resources to our target audience, including some of the current mirror cling designs.

As you can see from the image on the right, activities like WWE, Pro Boxing, Monster Jam, and Basketball are well attended and enjoyed by this audience. So, when Pinnacle Bank Arena announced that they would be hosting a WWE event on June 20th, 2022, TFLC staff jumped at the chance to develop a new partnership. Thanks to Aaron Babcock and Brett Witty with Learfield Communications, TFLC secured a contract to put mirror clings up in ALL the bathrooms at Pinnacle Bank Arena. And place a 30-second ad on their 200+ television screens from June through August! Not only will these resources be up for the WWE event, but they will also be up for the Remlinger Collector Car Auctions, as well as for concerts like New Kids on the Block, Suicideboys, Maroon 5, and Alan Jackson!

This opportunity may allow TFLC to partner on a long-term basis, in various capacities, to continue reaching our target audience at the 100+ events held at Pinnacle Bank and in the Haymarket area every year.

Lincoln City Pools Use TFLC Vaping Prevention and Cessation Mirror Clings

Lincoln City Pools now have vaping cessation and prevention mirror clings up at every location! The Lincoln City Pools already have a audible reminder to all visitors about vaping via their announcements, but now have mirror clings in the bathrooms with cessation resources for those looking to quit! Keep an eye out for the mirror clings next time you visit a local pool!

Did you know?

The Tobacco Free Lancaster County coalition, with partners at OutNebraska and El Centro de las Americas, completed 200 tobacco retailer assessments in 2021. The Counter Tools retailer assessments identified tobacco advertising, pricing, and product types sold in retail locations throughout Lancaster County. The data analysis showed that flavored tobacco products were sold and advertised at nearly every site and in all varieties of tobacco products.


We are so honored to have you as a proud Tobacco Free Lancaster County member! We would love to have you representing TFLC in our community with one of these cool shirts! Whether you are helping out at events or just around town, you can represent TFLC in style!

You can stop by the office and pick up a shirt, or we would be happy to hand deliver you one! Stop by or fill out this request form for your special delivery. Thank you for your continued support in the TFLC efforts to make Lancaster County a tobacco-free community.

Tobacco-Free Health Care Campus Update

During the past few months TFLC staff have identified nine additional tobacco-free healthcare campuses bringing the total up to 32 locations throughout Lincoln and Lancaster County. We continue to gather more information regarding specifics of the policy including the number of persons affected - look for those updates as we continue working on this initiative.

There are many more to identify and we will be working to find these organizations and support and expand their policies to the ultimate, best-practice goal of tobacco-free campuses while also collecting data regarding tobacco cessation counseling and nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medication options.

As we continue to identify and recruit additional health care organizations, please contact Sophia Yelkin if you or a colleague represent a health care facility to ensure your organization's information is represented and you're on our email list for future resources.

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Upcoming Events Calendar

Please let us know if you have interest in assisting with any of these great community events.


Party in the Park - July 30th


Mental Health and Tobacco Cessation Webinar - August 3rd


Asian Center Lunar Festival - September 10th

El Centro de las Americas Latino Festival - September 17th

Streets Alive - September 25th

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