Iranian Hostage Crisis

by Elizabeth Espinosa & Tyrell Perry

Hostage Crisis

An angry mob of Islamic revolutionaries overran the US embassy in Tehran, taking more than 60 american hostages. Ronald Reagan took the oath of office as president 444 days later. Crisis absorbed more effort by american office. Had more extensive coverage on television and the press then any other event since World War II. Women,and African American was released a short time later which left 51 people imprisoned.

which during this conflict another person was released due to illness. Which president Jimmy Carter cancelled oil imports from Iran, he also had a number of Iranians expelled from the U.S, which after that, he had frozen up to about 8 billion of Iranian assets in the U.S. Until February,1980 Iranian issued a list of demands, for the hostages. Which on the list as their demands, they asked for a apology from Americans for getting involved in Iran, also not to get involved in any future affairs. They also included, that they want Shah's to return to Iran. President Carter knew that those demands could not be met, so in April, he had decided on a mission called dubbed ''Eagle Claw.''which was a mission to rescue the hostages.

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Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)
Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 12/3/1979)