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10/19/15 Faculty/Staff News By: Bonnie Hall, Principal

ACT Aspire (Interim Assessments) - Grades 3-8

Please remember to administer interim assessment number one in grades 3-8.

I'm asking that each homeroom teacher lets me know when all four subject areas (English, reading, science, and math) have been administered. The Archdiocese is giving us until October 30th to complete the tests. These tests are administered via computer and are multiple choice in format. Thank you for meeting with me about this...I'll be happy to assist with any questions you have. I'm also available to test your students who have IEP/504 testing accommodations.

Grades 5-8 Teachers: Catholic Identity Survey for Your Students

Students in grades 5-8 are asked to complete the following Catholic Identity Survey from the Archdiocese of Chicago in conjunction with the AdvancED process. Please complete this survey from now until Nov. 30th. Please notify me after your class has completed the short survey. This link is posted on my Principal's eBoard under the "For Students" tab so your students may access it easily. Here's the link for your information and to preview.


In addition, parents will also be surveyed on the topic of Catholic Identity.

I'll feature that information in next week's parent newsletter.

Surprise, Natalie and Baby Girl!

Operation Secret Baby Shower was a complete success! Thank you to all of our secret agent teachers and staff. Blessings to our Natalie and her baby girl.

Marshall's Memo

From the SAS Art Gallery