"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 9-12-14

Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Yee-Haws to:

  • Crystal, Robyn, Ellen, Nora, and Carrie for participating in a two day Safe School Ambassadors training for 40 of our students. It was awesome and our students are excited to be leaders at Solana Ranch!
  • Kimberly, Dawniel, Terry, Shaina, Ellen, Sheila, Neva, Dawn for being at our first Leadership Meeting on Wed. morning.
  • Carrie, Ellen, and Dawn for attending our District Strategic Plan. Special thanks to our TOSAs, Cara, Stephanie, Katy for making the most amazing and professional presentations! Kudos also to Terry Decker, Julie Norby, Caroline Brown, and Dr. Lynch for presenting and organizing such a stellar day. I felt proud to work in such a cutting edge district that is always looking for ways to support students!
  • Roybn, Dawn, Alice, Lindsay, Crystal, and Paula for meeting on Friday morning to discuss Ability Awareness Week.
  • 4th Grade - Great PLC meeting agenda on Google Drive.
  • Sheila, Jordan, Judy, Lindsay, Paula, Gabby for meeting and getting ready to get our Garden growing!
  • Ashley for doing a great job of MAP testing and communicating with staff.
  • For almost every grade level getting their scope and sequences turned in. These will be distributed to the Alice and Lindsay in the L.C., Kristy in EL, and our Discovery Labs. Great teamwork!
  • Way to go Discovery Lab Instructors for the great first week!
  • Julie Norby for taking the time to visit each classroom and send such a positive message afterwards!
  • Happy Birthday to Sue (9-11) and Terry (9-14)!!!
Student Quote of the Week: "Everyday I leave school curious and wondering about what will the next day. I'm proud to say, I've never found this much happiness and kindness in any school other than Solana Ranch...I'm grateful for this wonderful school I have to come to everyday. It really makes me happy inside my heart. I could never asked for better teachers/staff, nicer students, and a greater school."

Go Hawks!

Put First Things First (Announcements/Reminders)

  • Lucy Calkins Training for signed up staff on 9/24. Our presenter, Jamie Hudson, sent this simple 3 question survey that will allow her to get a better pulse on your needs. Here is the link: http://goo.gl/iXhCTm.
  • Love and Logic Training scheduled for the 17th has been rescheduled - Robyn will present on Nov. 5th instead (Classified Staff please note this change)
  • Sign up for our Weekly Communication if you haven't already. It's good to know what is happening around school - http://www.sbsd.net/Page/4259
  • Constitution Day on the 17th - Honors the signing of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787 "All educational institutions receiving federal funding are required to hold an educational program pertaining to the U.S. Constitution."
  • Fallbrook is visiting our school on the 17th, as they are building several schools in their district and would like to get ideas. Please have your students take extra PRIDE in their classrooms and Synergy Zones on this day - "Everything we do communicates excellence.

Sharpen The Saw

  1. Staff Lunch - Tuesday the 16th
  2. Solana Ranch Happy Hour - 9-24
  3. Brittany's dog Winnie is turning 1! Celebrate at Dog beach in Del Mar at 11ish
  4. COLOR RUN FUN - Let's sharpen our saws together with big color and a little 5k by participating in the San Diego Color Run. This event takes place October 11 near Qualcomm Stadium at 8:00. Meet up details will come closer to the event date. To register:

    1. Go to this website: http://thecolorrun.com/San-Diego?gclid=CMqWwOTfyMACFYqEfgodeRQA-Q

    2. Click to register under "Team Runner"

    3. Our team name is Solana Ranchers

    4. Our passcode is solanaranch

Enjoy your weekends!

Begin With the End in Mind (Formally known as "Education Corner")

Who Am I?

  • Was a high-school dance teacher for 2 years
  • Certified USAT triathlon referee
  • Rode a double decker bus to school in South England
  • Member of the American Fighter Aces Association
  • Taught at 5 different schools in SBSD!

Answer: Alice Prince

Here's a quick and easy way to think positively and stay happy! Simply write three things down every day that you are grateful for and in doing so it helps us all focus on the positive; which we are so abundantly fortunate.