Perseus Constellation

Learn all about the Perseus constellation and its origins

Where is the Perseus constellation located

In August and September the constellation will first appear low on the north-eastern hemisphere around 11 pm, gradually moving higher in the sky before appearing directly overhead before daybreak.

In October and November Perseus will be visible low on the horizon in the north-east around 8pm, by 3 am the constellation will be directly overhead before moving toward the north-western horizon

In December and January it will be visible in the eastern night sky around 6pm, moving higher in the sky eventually moving directly overhead around 10pm, then reaching the north-western horizon before daybreak.

In February and March the constellation will first appear overhead around 7pm, moving toward the north-western horizon as the night moves on.

What is the story of Perseus?

Basically it is the story of Perseus the son of Zeus and danaë who kills medusa, the only gorgon who wasn't immortal. He cut off her head and out popped a winged horse named Pegasus. When he was coming home, he killed a sea monster that was attacking the kingdom of aethiopia. While he was there he married the king's daughter, andromeda. It goes on a bit more but that is the important stuff.

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