Why we eat what we eat

Austin Parker

External Influences

Media influences us a lot with ads, and commercials. Economics influences us with prices and sales. If candy is .99 cent your gonna be persuaded to buy it. If you live in Florida you eat a lot of oranges cause the environment. Technological influences me to eat microwave meals.

Individual Influences

Physiological: I want pizza but my body needs to eat healthy.

Psychological: My mind wants Salsa and chips and I know I need more calories but I don't eat a lot.

Personal: I hate Oysters and coffee.

Culture: My family liked grilling Steak and the side would be a baked potato.

Traditions: Every thanksgiving we made ham for breakfast just like Christmas.

Dietary Guidelines for americans

Weight management: Exercise and don't be lazy or you'll become obese

Physical activity needs: Tennis shoes, a shower.

My plate and food pyramid comparison: One has only four areas and the pyramid has rows

Nutritional Labels: Look for sugars, sodium, and fats

Food groups: Pregnant women like weird foods like peanut butter pickles but you should always eat healthy but still be able to eat a lot more than usual, children need to eat healthy so they don't get obese at a young age, teens absolutely need to eat healthy unless they wanna be obese when they are adults