Br'er Rabbit

BY: Katie Martin

Interesting Facts

  • the stories including Br'er Rabbit have African and Cherokee influences
  • Walt Disney World has made an entire ride focussed on Br'er Rabbit escaping Br'er Fox
  • the movie Song of the South, in which Br'er Rabbit is a character, was banned in the USA due to racial slurs

Good vs. Evil

In the classic Br'er Rabbit story, Tar-baby, Br'er Rabbit is faced with a conflict including Br'er Fox. Br'er Fox captures Br'er Rabbit and plans to eat him. All of the animals know that Br'er Fox is evil, and even though he is mischievous, they all also know that Br'er Rabbit is good. Br'er Rabbit is conflicted because he wants to just give up, but he knows that he can get away from Fox and not be eaten.

A Good Lesson

The lesson being taught to Br'er Rabbit is to not let your temper take over. You have to take control of your feelings and in return you will also have control of your actions. This will keep you from doing something that you will later regret.