The Pancake Town


The latitude of Glenn is 42.525 and the longitude is -86.228. Glenn is also 50 miles from Grand Rapids.


Glenn is a small town, but has a lot to offer. Glenn has a restaurant and a school. Glenn also has stores and a church. Glenn is really close to Lake Micighan so you can go swimming or just look at the beautiful veiw. Of course since Glenn is in Mighigan it expieriences four seasons, so everyone is prepared.


One reason people move to Glenn is that it is really close to Lake Mighigan. Another reason why people want to move to Glenn is because it is small, quiet, unique, and fun.

Human\ Enviorment Interaction

How the people impacted Glenn is they opened lots of buildings and roads. They cut down trees to add stores.


Glenn is in West Michigan and sourounded by the Great Lakes . Glenn expieriences four seasons, so they are prepared for weather. Some things we are known for are the dunes and Lake Michigan.