Forgive or Forget

By: Chloe Choinski-Tucker

Just To Clarify

Every one has at least one point in there life were they've reached an all time low, and yah they tell a few people, but as soon as their story is out of their system they push it back to the edge of there subconscious. Although that keeps it submerged for a short while that grief is still there, and it holds on without giving you a chance to forgive and forget. Sure I could talk about a happy memory and pretend it changed my life, but if anyone wants to be completely honest with themselves it's the tragedies that make us who we are. What we do with those tragedies is what makes us who we are.

Feel or not to Feel?

She was like a seconded mother, I loved her, we bonded, I was in the wedding, then she just left. My dad had to tell me, and when I broke he had to pick up the pieces. The worst part was I had to deal with it, by myself. I didn't want to see her face or here here voice again I just wanted to push it to the back of my mind and forget, but how could I.

So What?

Looking back now I realize if we had never met her, if she never came into our life, than everything I know now would be nonexistent. I wouldn't have a brother I wouldn't be in stem, nothing would be the same. I understand from this particular tragedy that everything happens for a reason and for me this experience changed my prospective on fate and even though tragedies are tragic, they are the real things that make us who we are. The hardest part is choosing wether to forgive or forget.