The Hittites

Parker McClure and Jake Davis

Introduction to the Hittites

The Hittite civilization was established around 1600 B.C.E, and then they died off around 1180 B.C.E. There civilization was located in modern day Turkey. Being in that location it affected their growth through the fact that Turkey is surrounded by 2 seas. Also the Taurus Mountains travel through Turkey.
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Advanced Cities

The original advanced city of the Hittites was Anatolia. Anatolia was where the first people ever started working iron. The Hittites conquered Babylon in about 1600 BCE, and then went back to Anatolia. They eventually extended their empire into northern Syria and all the way to the Mediterranean Coast.
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Social Structure

There were slaves and free people, rulers and their subjects, artisans, soldiers, and priests. There were also different ethnic groups. The nobles were at the top and sometimes the nobles and priests were the same. Priests were very important, respected people. Merchants were also important, and there were special laws with harsh sanctions for harming them. Slaves were at the bottom of everybody, but they still had a few rights granted by law.


The Hittites were unique in that they recognized each God as a God. They would adopt God’s into their own religious system of the civilizations that they conquered. They were Polytheistic and very tolerant of other religions, which influenced Judaism a lot. They favored their local deity which was usually a fertility God that controls the weather of that area. This was so that that particular God would give them favorable weather which in turn would allow them to grow food so they could eat and live.
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The Hittites proclaimed them selves as a absolute monarchy with 1 supreme ruler. Which was true but they classified themselves as empires. They went through tons or kings/emperors. The leader that founded Hatti though was a man named Labarna. They soon became so strong they took over Babylon.
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Technology / Contributions

The Hittites were the first civilization to be know to discover iron. Which led into the "Iron Age". The iron created better improved weapons like swords. They basically contributed to almost everything we have that's made of iron. They also helped control the movement of goods from Asia to Europe. There main contribution though was defiantly the help of moving into the Iron Age and getting ride of the Bronze Age.

System of Writing

The Hittites used the language of cuneiform just like all the other civilizations in Mesopotamia. They used the same language so they could communicate and trade with these other civilizations. Cuneiform is the oldest know language ever, but this language is no longer used in modern day life.

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Conclusion / Analysis

The Hittite civilization was around for a decent amount of time. They were located in the Mesopotamia area, which is modern day Syria and Turkey. The main city in Hittite was Anatolia. They were a civilization that wanted to go to war and take over other civilizations. They were ruled by kings and emperors. They contributed to everyone by creating the Iron Age. They also wrote in cuneiform just like the rest of Mesopotamia.


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