Kyle Travis

About Sunflowers

When the back of the sunflower's head turns from green to yellow that means it is mature. When the Flower turns brown or black and droops that means that the seeds are ready to be harvested.


Longhorned beetle- Adult makes feeding scar of leaves, the larvae eats away the stem so the stalks turn hollow and it cant hold the head anymore.
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Texas is the main place to grow sunflowers because it is warm most of the year if not all. Fresh after a frost is the best to plant.

Fun Facts:

One sunflower can have up to 2000 seeds.


Sunflowers are grown in the spring or late winter and harvested in the spring or summer. They are planted just like beans and corn. They are harvested by a combine with a Platform (wheat), row-crop, or corn head on it. Row-crop heads are probably the best heads to use because they don't have to be modified to harvest like the corn and platform heads. It should be harvested at 14-15% moisture and dried down to 10% moisture. It takes 90-100 days from planting to maturity for sunflowers.