Rudolf Nureyev

A Russain dancer By Tiles

Personal Life

Rodolf Nureyev was born in March 17th 1938, at Irkutsk,Russia.After graduating from the Leningrad Ballet School, he became a soloist with the Kirov Ballet.In 1961 he made his londen debute.When Germany invaded the U.S.S.R., Rudolf and his family evacuated from Moscow to Ufa, Bashkir.

At the age of 11 he started ballet danceing under Anna Udeltsova.A year later he was teaching Elena Vaitovich.He started dancing profeionally when he was 15 in the opera.

The Story of Rodolf Nureyev becoming a dancer...

He once went to a show as dancers performed he fell in love with dancing.

He then started practising and slowly made his way to the top.He started at a yong age and anfter a year and a half he was already teaching other people.

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how he died

Rudolf Nureyev died in Paris on 6 January 1993.