Where we can all be equal!

Why is it a good idea?

This is a fair economic system,so the guy in nice cool air isn't getting more money than the guy outside cold or hot busting his but to try to fix a road build a house or anything like that its all equal wouldn't that be nice!

How does it work?

Population owns controls means of production and distributes the end result proportionally, End all purpose is to make a level playing field for everyone.Our country would work much like Sweden which is socialist but runs a the economy much like the united states does now.Who runs it? The Government...How are people paid? Money is distributed from usually the rich and its an equal pay.
What Is Socialism?


Cons-Germany,Nazis tried it didn't work what makes you think this will?

Pros-They had a crazy leader and their also religion also played a big part in that,The USA wouldn't turn into that