Come Visit Spain This Summer!

Where is Spain?

Spain is a beautiful and diverse country located in the southwest of Europe. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, Gibraltar and Andorra. To the Northeast it borders with France and the tiny principality of Andorra. To the West its limits are defined by the Balearic Islands. Its Southern most territories are the picturesque Canary Islands. This is why travelling to Spain is likely to be a enriching experience since tourism in the country offers a wide variety of destinations, activities and landscapes! Every year millions of tourists decide travel to Spain, the country has been one of the most important tourist destinations of the last decades becoming the third most popular travel destination in Europe.

Bull Fighting

the sport of baiting and killing a bull as a public spectacle in an outdoor arena.


Ibiza is one of the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea


One of the better known cities is Madrid, capital city of Spain. Due to its central location, in the heart of Spain it has excellent communications with the rest of the provinces and is seat to the Spanish government and to the Royal Palace where the kings of Spain usually there. The city features distinctly winding streets, all of which seem to be heading either up or down and gather in the central square in the centre of the city.


Barcelona is probably one of the favourite destinations for tourists, a worldwide known city whose name recalls the awesome art of the architect Gaudi, the celebration of the 1992 Olympic games, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of its streets. Tourism in the city offers also the possibility of enjoying its beaches and water sports.

Por que Espana?

Usted debe visitar Espana porque es muy bonita. Las visitsas son muy bonita. Usted aprendera muchas cosas en Epana. No todo el mundo tiene la oportunidad de ir a Espana. el clima es increible. La comida es muy delicioso. Los personas ellos mi favoritas. Ven hoy!