DL- Final Exam

By: Alma Reyes

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is something you leave a track behind and has an impact on you. It's important because it could affect you and your future and will say things about you. When you get a job. When you post online about videos or what's going on in the Community or Holiday. Everyone could see what you put on Social Media. Your friends could see it family members. Anyone who has access to your profile could see they could retweet, Comment and could say there opinion on what they think about it.


Some tools that I used that describes my Digital footprint is Twitter, Instagram, and S'more.

What people use Twitter for is to post news and what's going on at school or Job, or what's happening around the world. I used Twitter to post about School, I retweet other's people things and share things. So other people could see it and like it. My twitter was used for Projects and able to contact people so they could give you ideas. What Twitter impacts my Digital Footprint because what you post everyone could see and be a positive post. What this says about me is that I know what I post and I know it's a positive footprint.


The purpose of this tool is just to post pictures. And see what other people post. This tool impacts my Digital Footprint by the pictures I post and what I comment on other people's Pictures or post. What is saying about me is what other people think about my pictures and what people think about me. My reflection would Impact other people if I'm nice or mean bully, or Helpful. On Instagram I check it every day to see what people post what's new and what's happening on the world. It could help people to learn new things and now how to do things like nail design, learn how to do new things.


The purpose of blogger is to post things for other people to see. It's going to show other people that I like cooking, and learn new things. What this says about me is I could put their recipes for other people to see and use. This would be helpful for people who don't know how to cook and would learn how to cook or bake. They could follow the instructions and by the tools and Ingredients. I love cooking and baking. When people search it they could see it and follow it. Also they could give me feedback.
My footprint has an impact of how I used social media and what i post. What's helpful is that people could use my things or recipes to follow. It's positive because i never post bad or mean things about other people.
What I could continue to improve my online identity Is learn from other people. I could see what they post and think about them. Maybe I could follow their footprint and be also helpful and maybe a role model for other people to do the same.
The most important thing I learned this semester is how to use my digital footprint and make it more positive for other people to see my role model. How am I going to keep a positive Digital footprint is to keep continue posting positive and nice things about other people and make good comments.
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