Welcome to Origami Owl!

Team Charm Keepers

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Dear Independent Designer:

Welcome to Origami Owl! I am so excited that you have joined Team Charm Keepers. My name is Shellie Yeomans and I have the pleasure of being your Mentor or your Mentor's Mentor....or so on, and I am the Senior Team Leader of Team Charm Keepers. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and wanted to take the time to congratulate you on making such an amazing decision to become an Origami Owl Independent Designer. I would like to extend out my "helping hand" to you while you figure out what to do with your new business! Over the next few days you will receive various documents and information to look over. Please don't feel overwhelmed. This email will hopefully allow you to see what great support system you have! Here is a little welcome video just for you from our amazing staff at the nest! PASSWORD: oonewdesigners

**IMPORTANT Click on HYPERLINKS in this Flyer to acess additional documents**

The information you will read here is designed to help you begin your business on the right foot. Please be sure to contact either myself or your Mentor if you have any questions. We are here for you, and in these next few weeks you cannot ask too many questions. :)

It is time for your exciting O2 Journey to begin!! Review and use the New Designer Checklist attached to this email to create your successful beginning with Origami Owl!

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Our Family Tree <3

Here is what your O2 Family Tree (upline) looks like....

1. Heidi Russell, Executive Director "Superstars"

2. Heather Hall, Senior Director "Team Rockin' Lockets"

3. Lynn Avara-Stover, Senior Director "Charming Stars"

4. Lisa Dunaway, Director "Team Hootylicious"

5. Shellie Yeomans, Senior Team Leader "Charm Keepers"

6. You and your Mentor...or your mentor's mentor...or so on? WOW!!

It's important to utilize your mentor FIRST if you have questions or need advice. You can then follow the chain up, as needed. Give your mentor the opportunity to grow with you by not skipping over them.

New Designer Website + Training

Congratulations!! Your Designer replicated site is available for use as soon as you enroll. To locate it, enter the site name that you selected during enrollment into the address bar of your favorite web browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari. Example. If I entered janedoe during enrollment as my site name, my website would be janedoe.origamiowl.com . If you forget what you entered, you can locate it by logging in to the backoffice and clicking on "Business Tools" + "Personal website" and then look under where is says Your Web Address. What is listed there will be your website site name.

The best way to start 2015 is by growing + learning all the information that’ll ultimately benefit your O2 business + team! Please take a few minutes of your time + check out these insightful videos from Directors and other O2 Staff for some amazing tips! To check it out, simply log into your Back Office, visit O2 Academy, select Library and then Archives.

New Designer Webinar 1st Session

The Nest is committed to helping you build a successful business. To get started on a path to success, they've created a new 3-part training webinar series of online web classes, which will cover the following topics for all new Designers:

  1. Welcome and Getting Started https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/1743775228610737154
  2. Managing your O2 Business https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/5307240736720549890
  3. Managing your Jewelry Bars https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/recording/4733749765479021058

These webinars will welcome you into the Origami Owl family but also help you get started in your Origami Owl Business.

Back Office Training Tools

Login to the back office here as soon as possible to become familiar with the layout. Use your designer # and the password that you selected during enrollment. As soon as you login, you will see the dashboard. This is where you can find the most recent updates from The Nest as well as details about your most recent orders, your current stats for the month, soar to success program details and your most recent jewelry bars.

To learn how to navigate this essential tool of your business by watching these Back Office Tutorials: Get to Know Your Back Office,How to Place Designer Jewelry + Business Supply Orders and How to Place Jewelry Bar Orders as well as our new site FAQ’s. You can also find these in the document library in the O2 Academy.

Soar to Success

The Soar to Success Program is designed to help new Designers achieve success during their first 90 days with Origami Owl® and get your jewelry business off to a flying start!

When a Designer reaches their Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Sales Goals, they will earn exciting rewards that will help to enhance their Jewelry Bar® display (some of which are exclusive to the new Soar to Success Program) and help their new business soar!* This Tutorial walks you through the details of the program.

  • Level 1 (500 PV cumulative)—20 assorted Charms, (2) packs of 5 Twist Locket Openers, and an exclusive Linen Bracelet Display*
  • Level 2 (1000 PV cumulative)—$75 O2 Soar Reward (to be used toward jewelry only), a charm case and an exclusive Linen Earring Display*
  • Level 3 (1500 PV cumulative)—Large Linen Bust, exclusive Linen Chain Display and $125 O2 Soar Reward (to be used toward jewelry only)*

Q. What is Personal Volume (PV) and what orders count toward it?

A. Personal Volume (PV) - Volume, in terms of wholesale value not retail, qualifying product submitted directly by the Designer for Origami Owl excluding the Business Launch Package, business supplies and Hostess rewards.

Q. What does “Qualified Designer” mean?

A. To be considered qualified, a Designer must accumulate 500 PV within the 90 (calendar) day period of their new Soar to Success Program. Any PV accumulated on the day of enrollment into the new Soar to Success Program on January 21, 2015 contributes to the PV requirement for Level 1 (500 PV) of the program, excluding the price of the Business Launch Package, business supplies and Hostess rewards.

Complete your A.L.I.C.E. List and Setting Goals every month to work towards. Click the titled Hyperlinks for more information on the Soar to Success Program and FAQs for existing Designers + FAQs for new Designers.

First of all, get out that great book that came with your starter kit! It is the spiral bound book called START LIVING YOUR DREAMS. Read it!! It is a wonderful training guide for you, full of information, and it also includes checklists and how to do your first Jewelry Bar. Seriously, it is an awesome book.

Next, study these two files. The Points of Difference, it is important that you have product knowledge of what you are selling and the Origami Owl Policies and Procedures document. We do not expect for you to memorize the document but reading through it at least one time will make your familiar with what is permitted vs what is not permitted while you are an Origami Owl Independent Designer.

Health Insurance- Did you know that Origami Owl now offers Health Insurance to it's Designers? Affordable, deductible free plans come in supplemental or full coverage for you and or your family! To learn more text BMOO to 22828 or visit https://www.agenthealthplans.com/oo/ This is a great opportunity for you...as well as others who may need insurance! Make sure you share it!

Eligibility Requirements

To avoid deactivation, make sure you have $199 PV in a rolling six-months. This means that if you haven't maintained a minimum $199 PV within the past rolling six-month period, you're at risk of deactivation. The Nest will send out communication to those Designers who have not yet met the eligibility requirement and are close to deactivation.

Hostess Rewards:

A Jewelry Bar must be at least $250 in retail sales and have four (4) guest orders (one of which may be the Hostess BEFORE rewards are calculated). Hostesses will receive an additional item at half price for every booking** from her Jewelry Bar® (credits will be given when the future Hostesses information is entered into the Back Office). Visit your back office>O2 Academy to find the most up to date hostess rewards flyer.

Return/Missing Items Policy:

ORDER OR PRODUCT ISSUES? We want your experience at Origami Owl to be great. Our goal is to make product returns easy and hassle-free. Returns are accepted for any reason within 90 days – no restocking fee. Click here to access our online claim form. Have questions, read more.

Give A Hoot, Stay in the Loop:

We always make it a point to provide you with the most important information so you can grow your O2 business! We want you to be able to stay connected wherever you are, so we are offering you the chance to sign up to receive text messages from us! Every week when the Hoot is released, you will be sent a text with a link to access it right from the convenience of your phone. All you have to do is text ORIGAMIOWL to 84483. How’s that for easy?

Your Journey Begins Now!!


Check out the updated FAQ document to help!

Facebook Team Groups:

If you are on Facebook, please ask your Mentor to add you to our team pages.

Our team page is a wonderful resource for support and there is a group of fabulous women who are ready to welcome you in. We really love to help each other out. Please do not post anything negative on the pages. Any and all frustrations or complaints, venting about stuff, will be removed from the pages. Yes, these pages are for support, but negativity and venting just fosters the wrong vibe for these pages and we want to truly keep our group page a happy place where asking questions, celebrations, sharing ideas, and encouragement are the main topics and posts. If you have issues, concerns or questions, shoot your Mentor a message and she will be more than glad to help you work through it! Quick tip when using the Facebook pages while on a desktop: There is a magnifying glass at the top right of the pages to search in the groups posts. Located under the picture banner all the way to the right you will see it. Enter a key word to see if you can find post regarding any topic or question you need! Use that feature and the FILES/PHOTOS tab before posting ....you may just find what you are looking for and there won't be repeated posts

Create your Facebook Fan Page:

Go ahead and set up a Facebook business page and share it with your friends and family! Use your mentor's and Origami Owl's Fan Page as a guide, also please note the IMPORTANT guidelines to follow for setting up your Facebook business page.

When you are ready to create your page here are some simple directions in this video from the Nest: http://vimeo.com/73182972 password: oocall and fast forward to min 9:58. Great and simple instructions that walk you step by step! Your page's name has to be Origami Owl- your name, Independent Designer

And that is it! Now you can add pictures and whatever you would like. BUT, be diligent in crediting photo sources. The best way to avoid copyright drama is to use pictures that are from your back office, ones that have a watermark on them, or ones you have taken yourself. Remember, we are being a force for good, and editing or cropping out another Designer's name is disrespecting them, because their time and efforts went into creating the beautiful locket photo. Remember......ALWAYS...BE A FORCE FOR GOOD!!


I have created a blog for our team of designers to stay up to date on new blog posts and tools to help you get started with your origami owl business. Have a question? Check my blog because you are bound to find answers to some of your questions on this site!


Get Ready to Soar!!

  • Make a locket and wear it daily!!! (If you haven't already) A locket is like your billboard! Wear it everywhere...change it up! You will be surprised how many people will notice and ask about it. What a wonderful opportunity to tell them about your business!
  • Designate a work space. The first step is to select one location for your work space. Ideally, this is a designated home office, but some of us may not have the space in our home, So this space can be the kitchen table, a small desk in your bedroom, etc. Whatever the space, it is important that you make this your space. Carving out a home office space, can help you be more productive at home and maintain your sanity when family and household issues threaten to impede your work.
  • Set up your email- you are an excited new Designer, you will be sending out emails about your new business to prospective customers and hostesses When you have a designated email address just for your Origami Owl business, it tells everyone you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Be sure to follow the P&P Guidelines for setting up an email. No proprietary, trademarked terms. You can not use origamiowl, livinglockets, or O2 in your email address. Having an email just for your Origami Owl business is a great way to keep organized with all the communications you will be having between you and Hostesses, customers, and your Mentor and leaders. Check this out... it is a fancy e-signature that you can create for your business email address. It is great because it looks professional, and you can add your contact info, as well as set up the buttons to link to your website and social media sites, and even if you aren't emailing them about OO, they will see it! www.myesig.com/origamiowl **NOTE- please make sure whatever email address that you have saved in the back office is what you would like to receive email communications from the Nest...and from me.
  • Open a bank account. Open a separate checking account for your new business. Look for a personal account with minimal fees and an ATM card. Deposit client checks as well as sales and use it to order supplies and pay for business expenses. This makes for MUCH EASIER tracking and accounting at the end of the year when you're trying to do taxes! This is the account where you can deposit customer checks, commissions from corporate, and link your SquareUp, PayAnywhere or other mobile cash register credit card swiper account.
  • Sign up for mobile credit card processing (optional). Do research on using a mobile credit processing service. There are many out there. PayAnywhere, Paypal, SquareUp, Intuit...the list goes on and on. Even though YES, the Origami Owl backoffice does run credit cards for free through the party tab, it is only for when you are placing orders online or in your back office. The great thing about having a mobile credit card swiper is that you can run someone's card at the event, have it go directly into your business account (most take 24 hours to deposit), then turn around and order the product in your back office using debit card linked to that same account all while knowing the card is sufficient. For the most part, they are available for free when you register your account and they send you the reader. You may pay a service fee of about 2.5% - 3% depending on the company, so research well and decide if this is something that is important to your business or not. It's a CONVENIENCE, not a NECESSITY. Origami Owl is partnered with PayAnywhere.
  • Table Display: Start planning with a purpose for your Setup. As you search for items for your display, consider keeping it simple. Remember...as fun as those owls are...we aren't really selling owls! One white owl will do if you really want one. ;) Keep the focus on our fabulous Jewelry! Consider our colors (aqua, white, teal with pops of pink and or yellow) and linen. The BEST option is to earn your display items FREE with our new Soar to Success program! See the attached file to help you with purchasing display items.


  • Complete your A.L.I.C.E. Who Do you KNOW?? USE A.L.I.C.E. TO LIST EVERYONE YOU KNOW! Here’s an acronym that can help you create a contact list of everyone you know – friends, family, coworkers, people you do business with and people you meet while out and about. Include a variety of folks from diverse groups so you can branch out and share Origami Owl® with people from different circles of your life. You can also share this acronym with your Hostesses to help them create their guest list for their upcoming Jewelry Bar®! I look at my ALICE list at the beginning of every month and add people and revisit people to talk too ... it is ever changing.
  • Pick a date for your Jewelry Bar launch party IMMEDIATELY!!! When will your DEBUT be? And who will be attending this debut? I know... that is an exciting thought!! Follow this step-by-step guide for your Jewelry Bar Debut! Your launch party should be your introduction of your new business to all of your family and friends! Your Jewelry Bar launch party should focus on bookings and sharing Origami Owl with people who might want to start their own business. Don't worry so much about selling products. Consider doing a raffle for hostess rewards to promote those things. EX- 1 ticket for each $25 spent, 1 ticket for bringing an uninvited friend, 4 tickets for booking a Jewelry Bar, 4 tickets for inquiring about the opportunity, etc...Here is a great Jewelry Bar Agenda Sheet that you can print to use at your parties!
  • GET YOUR CALENDAR FULL! Schedule your launch party, and try to get 2 Jewelry Bars scheduled from your launch party and 2 outside bookings. This will give you 5 Jewelry Bars in the next 4-6 weeks and that will get your business booming. Origami Owl Jewelry Bars are easy and so much fun! But it is even more fun when you are excited, enthusiastic, and get the ball rolling!!!! That is the key to your success! Use the Perfect Week Planner worksheet to help plan out a productive week!
  • Other ways to grow: Jewelry Bars are definitely the heart of our business, but there are other ways to work your business as well!
  1. Events, shows, festivals, and fairs are a great option for broadening your customer base. Sales can be hit or miss...but you will always grow your contacts to people you wouldn't have otherwise reached. Generally the director will only allow one booth per business so that you don't have to worry about competition. Just set up your display table and have an all day Jewelry Bar! I like to do drawings for these so that I can collect more contacts. I use the O2 Experience cards and generally do a drawing for a gift certificate.
  2. Catalog Parties are a great way to spread the word with minimal effort! For catalog parties you just create a hostess packet with all the info and the hostess collects the orders and payments and returns it to you. Make sure you ask her to get email address and phone numbers so that you can make those connections and follow up. These are great options for out of town friends or family who would like to help you grow your business...or who would really like some FREE Jewelry!
  3. Take Out Parties are similar to Catalog Parties but you use a cosmetic bag and add a few samples of our Jewelry. As you probably know by now...the catalog really does the Jewelry no justice and it is SO much more stunning in person! This lets them put their hands on it, see the quality, and truly fall in love with a piece.
  4. Facebook parties are another option. These are events you set up and post a few days before. These can be hosted by you, or a hostess can invite all of her friends. This is strictly an online event. They show up at the time you set and "watch" an online presentation via the Facebook event. These take some time to learn. There are some good resources to use. The Tag Team on Facebook has some great training and our Senior Director Heather Hall also did a webinar on them. Expand your business with Facebook Parties (password:rockin) http://vimeo.com/73953829
  5. Fundraisers are a great way to act out our Mission of BEING A FORCE FOR GOOD and spreading the word for your business. You can do these like a catalog or online party and then you donate some of your commission to the fundraiser. If these are set up as a Jewelry Bar in the system, you can then get the hostess rewards for yourself to compensate for the commission donated. A good way is to offer it by amount of sales similar to the hostess rewards. $250+ (15%) - $500+ (20%) - $1000+ (25%)
  • Start growing your Team!!! Did you know the fastest way to grow your business is by adding to your team? Jewelry Bars are the heart of our business, but growing a team can DRASTICALLY increase your paycheck, far beyond sales commissions. It is SO rewarding to share this wonderful opportunity {and why not share something SO amazing!?!} and to see them accomplish amazing things! Some of my favorite times are watching my team mates walk across the stage and be recognized for all of thier success! Don't be afraid that you don't know what you are doing or that you aren't ready. Your mentor, team leader or I can answer any question or even do a call with you and your potential Designers. Remember...you don't have to know all the questions...you just have to be willing to find them! See this amazing chart below of monthly averages of what leaders can make. {Remember, these numbers don't include sales!!! Woahhh! Residual Income is pretty awesome!} You can also check out our generous compensation plan by viewing the Career Plan. Did you know we have now launched into some new markets to grow your team? We now are able to grow our teams in Puerto Rico, and right here in the Spanish speaking market in America. There are resources and materials in Spanish as well as Designer Care representatives who can speak Spanish as well. If you cannot speak Spanish, I would suggest looking for someone you know who can to be a team leader on YOUR team!

Just a Few More Great Videos to Check out from The Nest<3

Working your business with 1-4-3!

So...who remembers the day of pagers? I know I had one! If you remember...we would send number "text messages" on them...man...have we come a long way! Haha! But, 1-4-3 would mean "I LOVE YOU" (because that is the number of letters in each word). This is a great tool to remember to keep your business moving in the right direction monthly!

{1}-Share O2 with ONE person each day.

  • Connect with your guest at parties and listen for ques.
  • Make sure you are INTENTIONALLY speaking to 1 person a day about your business. Examples – by phone, at Jewelry Bars, on Facebook, out and about, networking groups, fairs and events, etc.
  • Always be prepared – Use your Take Out Menus, business cards or some great rack cards, complete with your contact info, to hand out to people you meet.
  • Tell your story to others and use this document to help. Make sure you have a "30 second" commercial about your business. What is it you say if someone comments on your locket? Surely not "Oh thanks!" or "I see these". We have to have something that is going to tell what we do and spark interest. If you only had 30 seconds to talk, what would you share about Origami Owl? The jewelry? Bella’s story? Love and connection you feel as part of the O2 family? Make those 30 seconds count and make a great impression! Think about it and jot yours down so that you know it and are prepared!
{4} Hold 4 Jewelry Bars each month.
  • With over 300 New Fall products, imagine how your Jewelry Bar sales can increase and all the lives you can change! One average Jewelry Bar = $650 Retail Sales. Using the O2 average commission of 41% that’s $267 Profit. With 4 Jewelry Bars x $267 = $1,068 Profit!!! How could that impact your life? No really...think about what you could do with $1,068 this month....next month...and the next. Jot it down. This is your WHY!
  • How do I book Jewelry Bars. This is an often asked question that people seem to think there is an Magic answer too. There really is only one answer...CONTACT, CONTACT, CONTACT! It is key to reach out to your ALICE list...previous hostesses...and customer follow up! The best part is, when you get a few on the calendar, it is so much easier to keep the bookings flowing from other bookings. I love the New idea the Nest shared...
  • Chain Reaction: WHAT’S THE KEY TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS? Jewelry Bars! And what’s the best way to schedule them? Giving away FREE jewelry! Our Chain and three Dangles method is an excellent way to get your Hostess excited while filling your Jewelry Bar calendar. YOU... Allow your Hostess to choose her favorite chain and add 3 dangles to it. YOUR HOSTESS... wears the chain and tells all her guest how excited she is to earn it. Gives the Dangles on her chain to those guests who schedule Jewelry Bars-for FREE. Keeps the chain for FREE once all the Dangles are gone!
  • Always Listen for Clues – How can O2 touch someone’s life? If someone says: “I wish I had the money to buy jewelry right now. I love everything O2 offers.” Share how she could earn jewelry for free with Hostess Rewards! “My car broke down” or “We’re a single income family right now.” Share how she can supplement her income as a Designer!
{3} Share the love (sponsor) set a goal to sponsor 3 new Designers each month.

Watch these two videos Selective Sponsoring Video that walks through on how to sponsor without selling anyone, Sponsoring without Sponsoring and this Sponsoring ABCs to give you sponsoring tips!

  • If you are doing your #1 and sharing with one person each day...the statistics prove that three in 10 people with want to learn more, and one will join your team! With 30 days a month...this will help you get your 3!
  • Continually growing your front line will produce longevity in your business and a "cushion" to meet your requirements. You ALWAYS want to be working on this to maximize your potential!
  • NO's WILL HAPPEN, and that is OK...what you do with them is up to you! They are never saying no to YOU! Just NO to the opportunity right now. You never know what seeds you are planting and when they will grow. You have to have passion and BELIEVE in our Product, our Company, and our Industry. You have to believe that you aren't asking or begging them to do something for you...but offering something amazing for THEM! Never give up...keep on going! Some will...Some Won't...So What...WHO'S NEXT!

Contact Origami Owl

To contact the Nest for any topics you are inquiring about, use the contact us link found on http://www.origamiowl.com/contact.ashx. Once you are on the contact us link, click contact form link, select Designer and then select the topic that pertains to your inquiry.

Take a moment to add Origami Owl's contact info to your cell phone contacts.

Designer Care:

Phone- 888.491.0331

Address: Origami Owl, 410 S.Benson Lane, Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85224

And last but not least, make sure your Mentor's phone number is saved into your cell phone's contacts! (See my contact info at bottom)