Rachel Barnett September 29, 1998

every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end

Who am I?

My name is Rachel Barnett, I was born in Rothenburg, Germany in 1998. I lived in Germany with my parents until I was age two, when my parents divorced and my mom brought me to New York to be with her family. Not much later my mom packed up me, my sister, and my other close family members (Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt) and took us to Mountain Home, Idaho. This is where I lived until I was nine years old.
When I was nine year old, after finishing my third year of elementary school, my mom took me and my sister to live In North Carolina. In North Carolina my family hit hard times, so my mother decided North Carolina wasn't for us and we moved to South Carolina when I was ten years old and had just finished fourth grade. Because of the rough times in North Carolina my sister and I had decided to be homeschooled which we until the end of my seventh grade. After seventh grade I decided to go back to public school and entered Lugoff Middle School.
On the other side of my family my father was living well in the military career. He moved from place to place with his new wife, my half brother, and his wife's two children. Some of the places that he lived includes Hawaii, Chicago, and Tennessee. He currently lives in Tennessee.
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Music Lover

One of my many characteristics is; I love music!
For example, I have very many favorite bands including The 1975, 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, and many more.
Another example would be the many concerts I have been to. Some of the concerts I have been to include Owl City / Matt Kearney , One Direction / 5 Seconds of Summer, and more.
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After School Activities

After school I go to my friends house everyday, and then sometimes I go to my grandparents. I don't partake in any clubs.
Somedays I stay at my friends house until four in the afternoon, and sometimes I stay until six. Other days as soon as I leave my friends house I go to my grandparents. Those days I stay there until eight in the afternoon.

Goal for 2020

By 2020 I plan to be almost finished with college. I plan to be majoring in English, hopefully at my dream college UCLA. I hope that I am happy and successful and that everyone I love is still alive and well.
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