Can College Students Be Healthy?

Is it possible to be healthy in college?

Are You really Healthy?

Dear Fellow College Students,

We are going die. Now before you start panicking let me explain. Now I cannot speak for other Colleges and Universities, but I can speak for UNCC. Look at all of our restaurants on campus. Wendy's, Bojangles, Chick-fil-a, Panda Express, Subway, Papa Johns, Salsarita's, and others. We have two dining halls that do have salad bars, but be honest. When you go into SOVI or Crown Commons are you getting a salad or burger? I can honestly say that is not our faults. Colleges and Universities stock campuses with fast food and unhealthy food choices because that is what they expect us to eat. It is no secret that college students lack in the financial department. We are full time students and have little to no time to work and study. Also factor in that college students spend their money on impromptu trips, clothes, alcohol, and other things that our parents would not want us to spend our money on. That issue leads college students having what Daily Medical calls "Food Insecurity". Food Insecurity is when you think in your mind that you do not have the resources to eat properly. According to Medical Daily 59% of college students may suffer from Malnutrition due to lack of nutrients. College students, especially the ones living on campus, do not have access to proper nutrients. Think about yourself, would you rather have Crown Commons or Bojangles? Honestly are eating habits are less than acceptable. Maybe they are to other college students or high school students but not Nutritionist or doctors. Bad college eating habits will catch up with all of us eventually. With bad eating habits over years can lead to health issues such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Cholesterol. The Rocky Mountain Collegian website states that heart disease may start in your early twenties. Also that just a small change in diet can reverse some of the damage.

What Leads to Our Unhealthy Eating Habits?

Besides food insecurities and lack of healthy options there are other issues that lead to our unhealthy diets. There is also Alexithymia, stress, heart ache, and just plain emotion. Emotion and Alexithymia are linked hand in hand. Alexithymia is when you have the inability to understand or express emotion. College is a very emotionally unstable place, you are forced to grow up at the same time you are trying to find yourself. There is heart-ache, being homesick, stress from school and your future, and other factors. The only stability and happiness is in food. We eat to fill a void, but instead of eating a salad we eat cookies and pizza. Food is a safe haven for college students but it may also be a terrible thing. Some colleges live to eat instead of eat to live. Our bodies are maturing and our metabolisms are slowing down. Also women are more likely to gain more weight then men.We cannot eat junk all day, everyday, and still think that we are healthy. All college students face the same fate if we continue to eat completely unhealthy. There are ways to alter your diet that are actually realistic to a college student.

10 Ways To Be More Healthy In College.

1. Be optimistic. Having a negative attitude is not going to help.

2. Eat fast food only 3 times a week. Other days eat at the dining hall (healthy options) or cook.

3. Walk everywhere on campus. Walking will not kill you.

4. If you must eat fast food try their healthy alternatives more than the fried.


6. Drink water instead of soda, Gatorade, and juice.

7. Try to get in an exercise. Whether it be taking the stairs or a quick run through campus.

8. Cut back on sweets.

9. Add fruit and vegetables to your diet, its good for digestion.

10.Do baked or grilled instead of fried.

Will this help?

This should help, but remember that you need to be optimistic about getting a healthier diet. You cannot try crazy diets and do crazy things in order to loose weight. It starts with your diet and we are young. It is easier for us to get a regiment and better our bodies now, rather than down the road when it is too late.