Smore Vocab

By Jake Kimbrel

Types of economy

Mixed-both private and state control the economy

Traditional- customs and belies shape the economy

Command economy- controlled by the government

Capitalist- trade and industries owned by private owners


Tariff- increases the price of imported goods and services making it more expensive for the consumer

GDP- gross deplomic product

Substanance agracultire- farmers grow enough food to keep their families alive

Outsourcing- sending factories to keep other countries for cheap labor

Violence of conflicts

Marshall plan- a plan to help europe rebuild after WW2

Truman doctrine- AID would be given to Greese and turkey to end a long rivalry

Cold War- military tensions between powerful nations

Genicide- killing a large number of people in one area

Sanctions- removing political ties or actions taken against a country for political reasons

Types of Government

Democracy- government voted by the people

Monarchy- government ruled by a family

Dictatorship- goverment ruled by one person or a dictator

Infrastructure- the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities


OPEC- Organization of the Petrolium Exporting Countries

NAFTA- North American Free Trade Agreenment

EU- European Union

NATO- North Atlanic Treat Orginazation

UN- United Nations

Economic levels

Primary- Raw matireal

Secondary- processing and manufacturing

Tertiary- providing a service

Quaternary- intellecual service like education

Qui nary- scientistic or a university


Stateless nation- ethnic or religions group that is notthe majority of the population

Globalization- interactions among the people companies and governments of different nations

Diversity- the state of being diverse or variety