Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

Connect with Twitter!

Making a Twitter account can connect you and your students to the outside world, and open up new doors of opportunity. You can connect with other classrooms, other educators of note, professionals in areas your students study (scientists, authors, poets), etc.

Check out this list of great educators to follow on Twitter from Education World, and then click the button below for a link on setting up/using Twitter in the classroom!

Tweet Tweet! Using Twitter in the Elementary Classroom

Check out this great presentation from Sarah Barnett (@MrsBFirstGrade) on using Twitter in the elementary classroom. I heard her speak at ICE 2015, and this was very inspiring! Great resource and idea starter!

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Updates... not Upgrades!

Several people have been expressing problems with .pdf files coming up in Preview on their teacher laptops. Apple has done some fixing for this, but you need to do your updates for this to happen.

Some tips: download and install updates when you have some time, not during a student time. (i.e. at the start of lunch, at the end of the day, etc.) Some updates may take some time, like even 15-20 minutes plus a full restart, if you haven't done them in a while.

Remember: NEVER do the "upgrade" to El Capitan. This will pull your laptop out of sync with your classroom iMac.

Don't forget Java, Flash, and Adobe updates! Don't just ignore; update!

Zootopia... have you seen it?

Go see this movie, if you haven't! Great messages, and an amazing song about growth mindset!
Shakira - Try Everything (Official Video)

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