China's Discoveries /Inventions

Top 3 Discoveries/Inventions

By: Brianne Peoples


Just imagine a life without medicine. People would be sick all the time! People would die all the time! Chinese came up with medicine to help fight infectious diseases. Since many diseases are caused by germs, we use disinfectants such as chlorine bleach. The Chinese burned a chemical that set off poisonious smoke whenever someone died from an infectious disease. They believed that the smoke would destroy whatever caused the disease. Chinese discovered a deadly disease called smallpox. They found different ways to get rid of it. This lead to vaccines, something we use now. Like I said before without disinfectants, vaccines, or medicine, we would be sick all the time.

Paper Money

Every day we use money. If Chinese didn't make paper money, we wouldn't have houses, food, computers, we really wouldn't have anything! Although money doesn't buy happiness, it buys food so we could live.

Movable Type

Imagine life without printers. Imagine your writing a story and want to get it published. You will have to write it all over again, because there would be no printers to copy your book. It wouldn't be just your story that you would have to rewrite. It would be famous authors stories too. People would just not want to do that. Thankfully the Chinese made movable type so we could have books to read and adventures to seek.